Paris Attack used an AK from U.S.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by OldOutlaw, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Sorry to hear that. More fuel for the democrats.

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    You sure got that right. I'm thinking the Feds are having serious talks with CAI
    about where they sold that AK pistol.
  4. I'm sure they already had that talk with them.

    I'm sure at some point this will be brought up as a reason for the UN gun ban.
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    NE Utah
    If they can get a semi auto US AK into France, why can't I get a Full Auto Syrian AK into the US?

    Heck...maybe we need to allow a LOT of Muslim immigration, and then do a REALLY good search of their stuff...maybe we could get a few cool guns that way?
  6. What does it matter where the gun came from? The gun did not decide to shoot people. I really wish they would spend their energy on actually blaming the people responsible.
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    It matters a great deal where the guns come from. Pretty important to me they find out who is selling guns to these things. And to who else did they perhaps sell guns to.
  8. Because you don't know the right people?
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    Cause you probably don't have enough money. Besides, the Syrians are using all of theirs to kill each other. :D
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    And I never even heard about it. Papers nor Media on TV.
    I'm 25 miles south and about 50 miles East of CR.
    But, being from the Mideast, .Gov may not have wanted it to well known.
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    One of the Fast and Furious rifles anyone?
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    Seems like maybe since 6 of the 7 were from the surrounding continent full of gun producers and terror groups...they would have gotten another one someplace else anyways?
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  13. ^ This would not surprise me, but if so we will never hear about it.
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    Well, that would be some twisted irony, wouldn't it?

    Regardless, even if it was true, it'd still be used to push for more gun control.
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    We got one out of the country. That's a win for them. Aren't they ever happy?

    Anybody else find it funny that the Middle Easterners had to buy an AK from us?
  16. It was in the national news at the time for a few days. I remembered it when you asked. I was thinking it was longer ago.
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    Pretty certain they mean Century. Century handled the Contra weapons.
    So far all I read is that Century did say they sold that gun. But, not who the dealer was they sold it to.