part keeps falling out of kel tec p-3at frame

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  1. When I dis assemble my p-3at for a thorogh kleening a part falls out of the left side of the frame at the slide rail groove. Kel tec pictures of the disassembled pistol do not show this part and I can't figure out what the piece does.
    I replace the part everytime it comes out and the pistol functions just fine. :?:

    Any one got any ideas?

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  2. A.C.P.

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    Yea its the ejector, it falls out on almost everybody at least once, i am more careful now that i know its gonna come out so easy, i sure dont want to loose it.

  3. what is falling out is probably the ejector.

    There have been several "solutions" posted in the KT Forum for this "problem", the one I like the most is to use a dab of grease when you install it to secure it or rather prevent it from falling.

    Other folks have used more radical methods like crazy glue so, the method is up to you. You are not alone, that is the way the pistol is. Be careful when you disassembly (don't lose it!) and you'll be OK.
  4. Yes, I see now that it is the ejector. Strange that they would machine out a recess for it and then fill the area with a machined insert. Seems they could accomplish the function without all that trouble.

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

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    its common for ejectors to break so they make an easily replaceable steel insert to got into the alum frame. you get the strenght of steel w/out the weight and the ease of changing out the part.