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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by z71silverado98, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Chef Dennis

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    And not a bad price at all! congrats!

  2. z71silverado98

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    $166 gets it in my hands, gunshow prices were around $220 for 995's that were in very bad shape. This one looks very clean and well cared for.

    wheres the best place to get an ATI stock?
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    Congrats on the win!

    The 995 is a very nice little shooter. Add on the ATI stock from Benny and it gets even better as you can add on all kinds of toys.

    Have Fun!
  5. Congrats on the new carbine bro!!! Are you going to ATI stock it or not?
  6. z71silverado98

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    It's looking like it, Ill prolly keep the original stock for a few months then order an ATI from benny.
  7. Yeppers, Benny is the man! Congrats again on the carbine, you're gonna love it.
  8. That is one UGLY gun.

    And, believe me, I mean that in a good way! (Waiting on the arrival of my own _ugly_ gun!)
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  10. z71silverado98

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    Whoo hoo! just picked it up from the Dealer today.

    First impression: its small light and easy to maneuver....also homely.
    Trigger was super gritty and almost impossible to pull.
    I dont like the stock too much as it flexes when i shoulder it. maybe an aluminum plate connecting all of the bolts in the stock would fix that?

    the knob on the charging handle sucks and the bolt hold open sucks!
    wouldnt a notch in the slide similar to the c9s hold open work just as well??

    I just finished tearing it down and...This thing was sold as used but i dont think its ever been fired! theres no carbon anywhere! the feedramp is unmarked and theres no wear at any contact points.

    I do however think the previous owner mistook the carbine for a shovel as there was a ton of sand and grease inside the FP channel & sear.

    I cleaned everything up, polished all contact surfaces, polished the sear and the channel it sits in, now the trigger is extremely smooth and has a trigger pull a little lighter than my c-9.

    Ive got a few weaker springs the same size as the one under the sear but i dont know how safe it is to experiment w/ them, so ill not mess w/ it.
  11. Congrats! :D

    Perhaps they used it as a target, but couldn't hit it...
  12. I know what your first accesory is going to be. If your lucky you will get it Saturday.
  13. z71silverado98

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    Yea i cant wait on that. Im gonna have to hit the range on Fri to test the original trigger first. then back again on Sat.

    see what im willing to do for you guys ;)
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    did you buy it it at gunnies because that tag looks like the gunnies tag...
  15. z71silverado98

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    Gunbroker auction, see my first post
  16. try throwing a red dot scope on the factory stock and you may be suprised how well it handles and shoots. Nothing against the ATI stocks, but I personally find the carbines great to shoot as is