Participation needed in opposing Senator Feinsteins New AWB

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    Everyone needed to let their voices be heard to our congress. This is the most user friendly link to oppose Senator Feinsteins new assault weapons ban I have found. If we fail to inform our congressmen how strongly we feel against any new gun laws, then we are to blame.

    Here is the link, copy and paste.

    Remember, only you can prevent weapon bans
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    while I agree with the 70856532312 other such post, it isn't going to do much until there is a proposal on the table. Right now it is her rhetoric vs. our rhetoric. Go ahead and write your letters it can't hurt but there is not currently a proposed ban, it is just an idea.

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    This is the one we should be concerned with, not that draconian one Feinstein if proposing. This one not only has the support of anti gun nuts, but also people who are typically undecided. Fortunately it is a house bill and unlikely to succeed, I will write my congressman again.
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    Signed. So far 90% against according to the site
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    Signed, come on everyone these are your rights please help protect them!
  8. Signed. I've already contacted my senators and rep.

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    The provoker will provoke the provokee to an unsustainable level.
    Albert Einstein: Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
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    Tried it twice, not working. Will try again later.

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    sent letters to congress in illinois and senators. e mailed my house reps. we are not only fighting the feinstein fed but our own gov pushed one this past weekend. it was haulted. but hell be back this week. AAARRGGH. they will NOT get any serial numbers or descriptions of my guns. ill be an outlaw. registration is simply the precurser to confinscation IMO. and in historys opinion as well
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    Ok what is wrong with some people on this forum lol seriously?! Dose it matter if its just an idea in the works or on the table?? NO! If the words have been spoken and the bill is in the works it needs to be stopped before it even has a chance to be put on the table!! I am sorry but some of you on here are truly ignorant and have no idea what could come of any of this. Look if you want her to get her proposal to the table let her. This just increases her chances of getting it passed. If you do not and voice your opinion maybe it will never reach the table. Also, she does have it partially ready for the table. She used her previous gun bans as a basses for what she is trying to do now. This time they used a gun bible and just picked out every gun that looked "Scary"