Parting is such sweet sorrow!!

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  1. Well al it is time to say good by for a while..... :cry: I will not be able to contribute as much useless and pointless info for a while because i have taken a new job as a LEO! I am working on getting internet at home but with the move and all it may be a month or two before i am able to once again plauge this forum with my presance. I want to thank you all for the warm welcome and faimly like community i have found here. My last post will be on january 15th it will be a while before i will be active again. I once again thank you all for all the help and (in my best Arnold voice) I'll be back!! :D
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    Take care and congrats on the job

  3. Congrats! Stay safe out there and stay away from Philly. Sometime when you're discussing theft with your cop buddies, you can tell them about how you stole my avatar ;-)
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    Another Cop! just what the world needs! (And we Do!)

  5. Thank you.

    It's been quoted as a sig line, but the saying merits repetition:

    We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

    -- George Orwell

    The front against the vicious and predatory lies not only overseas. Bless you for volunteering to be one of those rough men.
  6. Dude - you have our respect and prayers. Stay safe and come home when you can.
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    Robert, i want to give you the best advice(s) i can. I was told by a police officer long ago...

    "It's not an easy job, and it's lonely. I work every holiday, and i am disrespected by most. I come to work everyday to protect the people of the community, and i do it all because my family lives here too."

    And from the 20 year Sgt:
    "Always remember where you are, Mike(me)... Even if you have no idea where 123 A st is, your fellow officers may have a good idea."
  8. LEO's watch out! Here come RobertGreen!!!

    Good on ya man! Godspeed and return to us ASAP!
  9. Hey can I get one of those little cards for when I'm speeding?
    Good Luck.
  10. Wait a damn minute, this soon to be cop stole my avatar and all you say is good luck? I'm gonna have you disbarred! wait no thats a lawyer... i'm gonna poke my finger into the bottom of every filled doughnut within a 100 mile radius of you.
  11. Congrats man! Good luck and watch yer six. We'll leave the key under the mat for ya.
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    Congrats amigo!

    Best wishes on your future endevour!
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    Hello, robertgreen_86:

    I haven't been here long as a registered member, but I already feel as if I am part of the group here--a more welcoming, considerate, and principled family I think I would be hard pressed to find anywhere out there. Too often, we free and common citizens become accustomed to having our comfortable lives go on day by day with little or no concern for what this liberty costs. And, when our little homes and our seemingly all-important routines are suddenly invaded by men who have precieved that our liberties can be easily manipulated to foster their own greedy ends (be they street thugs, politicians, or any other authoritarians who have confused leadership with greed and power), we look for a scapegoat so that we do not have to see the true perpetrators of our demise--ourselves. We blame the thugs and criminals of this world for our problems, and even more deplorable, we blame the very men who have sworn to protect us from the physical threats that this world offers in many forms for not "doing something more or better" to protect us. Instead of recognizing the law enforcement officers and soldiers who have answered the call of duty to protect the innocent from the overt forms of evil that this world coughs up, we scorn, ridicule, and dishonor our frontline defense against these evils. Instead of blaming you, the servants of the people, we should first focus the blame where it is due (on ourselves), then stop wallowing in our own despair and do what we should always have done: join the servants that protect us in the fight for justice. We all have our different opinions and beliefs about who we are and where we are going, both here and after death (if you hold to such concepts), but we who believe in liberty believe in the few basic natural laws that have been given to all of humanity. As such, we believe that these laws are righteous and just, but we must also recognize that though they have been given to all of humanity, we can choose whether or not to recieve these laws or reject them--and if we reject them, we are, in essence, rejecting our own humanity and embracing our own selfish desires. It has been said that to error is human; this is true, but we forget the other half of this statement: to error is human, but to sacrifice our own desires and existences in the defense of others and these principles we hold so dear is divine. Nevertheless, if the path we choose is one of self-indulgence, we forfit our right to these precepts, and we become the very thing that we all claim to despise amongst those greedy authoritarians who try to lord over others in their arrogance. We are all imperfect; this has been part of humanity since the dawn of time. However, even amongst the imperfection that we can never hope to shake off by our efforts to calm our battle-scarred beings, we can do something to show that we choose the very good that we do not always obtain ourselves: we can uphold these righteous ideals as best as humanly possible, even unto our deaths. This means that every man, woman, and child who holds these principles dear must join our public servants in taking up every weapon--the spoken and written word, the physical sword, and the intangible, bare truth that we call liberty and justice--and fighting to defend it for eternity. To this end, I raise a call and a heartfelt thanks to all of our public servants in America--and in every place where people and their leaders try to uphold these convictions. We are all one family, despite our race, nationality, or creed, for we are all humans joined by a single common thread: our willful desire for the virtuous laws of humanity. The Founders of America recognized them, and transcribed them on paper for us to always remember. Who are we to forget that purpose for existence?

    So, to robertgreen_86 and all other officers out there: thank you. We owe you much more than we can put into words. Congratulations on the new job, and may you remain safe on the front lines while bringing to justice those who would disown it.


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    Good luck and see ya when ya get back. Oh and here ya go :lol:
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    Congrats on the new job, good luck,be safe and see you when you return.
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    can the guy up front switch pants with the girl on the hood? Please? Or at least put some on?! :shock:
  17. easy now i am the guy up front. :wink:

    oh and about poking holes in the doughnuts thats ok but put the bagel down and place you hands on your
  18. Be careful buddy!
  19. Good luck, keep your head down, watch your back, and using lights and sirens is an acceptable way to get out of a traffic jam :)
  20. congrats and good luck with the new job