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Hello all,

I am a new member and I want to say hello to all. Its nice to see a forum dedicated to hi-point firearms :)

I am looking for a couple of parts for my 995 carbine. In particular:
* The Operating Handle (you pull it to cock the carbine)
* The Roller (that goes on the handle)

Does anyone know a source for these parts?
I have contacted www.hi-pointfirearms.net, by e-mail regarding the parts, but no success so far.

I would apreciate any help!



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Called up HP, old woman answered, requested the parts -- no charge :D, so I ordered a new mag for it too.

New question popped up: How do I go about putting a block to reduce the magazine capacity to 5rd?
I know...I know...why would I reduce capacity? To make it hunting legal. Semi-auto rifles must hold combined 6rd (mag and chamber) here in Michigan

Thanks guys for all the info!!!

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Not gettin in your business, but what the hell you plan on hunting with a 9mm(besides zombies)?
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