Parts for 995ts.

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  1. Taterbug2

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    WTB Chrome receiver shroud for my 995ts and a drum magazine that i saw some pictures of. If there is such an animal, I need the price of each. Thank You in advance, Taterbug2
  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    drum magazine was a home made project, it doesnt exist as a ''for sale'' item, for any Hi Point. as for chrome reciever shroud, try ebay or call Hi Point directly they may have one in stock still.

  3. Fishy1

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    My TS is with MOM right now so I can't compare, but isn't the receiver cover a different size on the newer models?

    Ya like whatcha like
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    Come see us for those parts!

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  5. panoz77

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    They no longer make chrome receiver covers or barrel shrouds. You MIGHT find one on ebay or gunbroker if you look long enough.