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  1. Dont know if this will fly with the moderators... please tell me if there is a problem. But I figure that more than just me have the ability and software to draw 3D models and drawings, so I figured I start a thread. Maybe, little by little, we can get most of the parts for the carbine.... will help us mock-up concepts and the such.

    Me first: the shield


    it is not 100% accurate but it will help with aligments of picatinny rails, mockups of scopes and other things. If you want this file in a 3D format or any other views, PM me.

    Who's next?
  2. neothespian

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    Great idea!!

    What we need to do is find a member with a 3D scanner so we can get some actual numbers stored on your database here! This way, if someone wants to mod or construct an accessory or feature they would have the exact numbers to work from.

    Damn. Wish I still was in Phoenix. Could actually get my hands on a 3D scanner there at a few places. Might have to wait for a month or two.....

  3. Yeah, keep trying to talk my boss into buying one of those... also a 3D printer. They aren't terribly expensive either... a few grand is all.
  4. Joe Sixpack

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    looks like a reasonably accurate representation.. nice job.
  5. Oh, dont ge me wrong, its pretty accurate, just missing some of the complex curves on the top but all "critical surfaces" should be on the or minus .01".
  6. Bushman98,

    Nice job! Looks pretty close to the real deal, any minor differences are not that noticeable unless you know exactly where to look.
  7. figure I knock off a few parts every night, eventually I will have them all:

    Front sight assembly

  8. Reviving thread.

    Firing pin.

  9. Dreamthief

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    how about scanning that nice handguard rail mod you did with detailed instructions ;) lol jk
  10. Well, I want to keep this folder full of OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  11. Dreamthief

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    yeah I was just kidding...
  12. This a great idea.Keep it up .
  13. Ooh! Does anyone have any spare titanium lying around?

    Seriously, though, I think that the highest-value documentation would be those parts, with dimensions, most likely to be involved in a mod. The shield is a good example, and giving the exact barrel diameter would be another.
  14. Well, the reason I'm not posting dimentional drawings its cause of liability and pattent infringements concerns that the mods and admins would probably have.

    And about the titanium fireing pin.... alreay looking for titanium... but more likely will make myself a set out of 01 or A2 tool steel.... probably never to be sold..... here . :wink:
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    Not sure if the mods have a "policy" or not, but....

    Patents don't protect against reverse-engineering, tromp on right to free speech / information exchange, or "personal use". I can reverse engineer, and manufacture my own Lexus if I want. I can even tell my friends how I did it, and publish the information.

    Patent protections block me from SELLING or MAKING PROFIT FROM any of the above. You're not charging for the drawings / info - so, it's totally legit.