Passed TCP class [happy dance]

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  1. Broomhead and I took the Tennessee Carry Permit class yesterday and passed! :) We both passed the written test and both had no misses on the shooting test. :D

    Now, we have to turn in the paperwork, pay the money, get fingerprinted, and wait impatiently. :roll:

  2. Its worth the wait. Congrats!
  3. Congrats!
    I just applied for my LTC for MA. Hope to get it soon in the mail. For a non-resident, it's $100. for only one year! Getting a passport size photo; finger printed; copy of a "gun course" certificate; and WHY You want one. My travels for work etc. have me cross over from NH into MA. daily. Imagine, you have to do this all over again in a year IF you want to apply for non res. again. Is it worth it??!
  4. Lucky bum!!! How much did it set you back.
  5. The class I took cost $100 with ammo supplied. Others in the area were $90 - $175 without ammo.

    The permit costs $115 and is good for 4 years.
  6. Congrats on passing. I guess were spoiled here in GA, we don't have to take any kind of classes. I just payed my $46 got finger printed and waited about 3 weeks.
  7. Congratulations! Every responsible adult should be armed. Glad you're joining us. :wink:
  8. congratulations on the tests. It i looking like it'll be yet another month before I am able to take mine.
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    I take the class in one week