pawn shop visit over lunch got me thinkin...

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    so what the least amount I could realistically expect to pay for a Saiga12. I know there are a few owners out there. time to fes' up...what did you pay??
  2. I payed 475 plus shipping last fall and that was a little high at the time.

    Right now if you can find one for 600 or less NIB its probaly the best buy you are going to find

    They have become expremely popular and there are just more people looking for them than the number of them comming in country.

    They are selling crazy high on gunbroker right now, the few that are on there.

    Best bet is a gun shop that doesnt realize what they have.

  3. Waltham has it pegged. I asked my favorite dealer and he just said he can't even get them to tell him they will send him one, much less give a delivery date / price. I've only seen 2 in the last month, neither a 12 (20 and .410) and both had 'inflated' prices on them.

    Just wait and be patient. After a time the supply / demand ratio will improve and they'll be more plentiful--but price? Who knows?
  4. Woa, they went up to 600+ already?

    Dang, I got mine around the time Watham get his and I paid 425 total for mine.
  5. OH yeah, I do know of a Saiga 20 for sale if anyone cares. I think it was a reasonable price too.
  6. Saiga 20's are a bit easier to find as well than the 12's. I've thought of picking up a 20, but my finances are very limited and I have a few other things I want to get first.
  7. Bobotech go to gunbroker, search Saiga 12 and be prepared to be amazed. Trust me.

    I payed a little over 500 on mine total and I still feel ok about it with prices like they are right now.

    Who knows how long it will be before they go back down.
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    I paid $600 for mine, and I got a $50 cash discount. It's awesome, bruising me up properly.
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    saw one today at a local store while picking up some more ranger .40's, it was listed with a case and 5 boxes of slugs for it's on layaway
  10. krippp you found the holy grail that everyone is looking for. If you dont mind, I'm gonna post your buy over at the saiga forum just to hear everyone whine and cry I know, I'm bad :)
  11. BTW, was this a new or used shotty?
  12. Sounds like it was with ammo so I'm betting that it was used.

    Still an awesome deal.

    Makes me regret passing up the Saiga 12 I saw at the pawn shop about 6 months ago for 370. I don't need it or even really want another Saiga but the price was right.
  13. If nothing else you could have made a profit on it just turning around and selling it.
  14. Krippp

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    brand spanking new