pellet rifle as PART of a long term survival kit?

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Would you consider an air rifle part of a long term survival kit?

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  1. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    I have been cruising around the internet and flipping through various books looking at all sorts of survival information. Something I have come across a few times, not many, but a few is the inclusion of an air rifle in a survival kit.

    This got me thinking. How effective would this be? So I went over to my folks and dug out the old air rifles I had as a kid and went out in the field. I was surprised at how my shot improved from the last time I used them, and how effective they on small targets.

    No I didn't kill any animals with it, small bottles and branches, and various non living targets I had set up. However back when I was a kid I did dispatch a lot of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. Not only that but it was with lower cost $80-$100 air rifles.

    Well I further researched some of the new air rifles out there and there are a ton of them under $200 that shoot at 1200-1600fps and have effective ranges of almost 300 yards. Hell I even seen one that was an over-under style. Single shot BB on top, and a mini shotgun on the bottom that shot small shells that contained like 15 BB's.

    So anyways.

    Knowing that for around $5 you can buy a box of 1,000 BB's I think, and the effectiveness of this weapon against small critters. Would you consider having one has part of a long term survival plan? If regular rifle/handgun ammo is going to be limited but you could easily carry several thousand BB's. Would you do it? Obviously the air rifle isn't going to be effect against larger animals, but when you are in a survival situation chipmunk is good eating. I have even seen rabbits taken with some of these air rifles using pellets.

    As for the space aspect of it, there are air rifles that weigh under 4lbs and break into two parts for easy packing into a back pack.

    I am seriously considering making this addition to my kit considering I live in Oregon where we have a lot of woods, and lot of small critters that you can eat and would easily fall to the air rifle.

    P.S. They make almost zero noise when in operation too! Great for stalking those chipmunk packs that roam the woods!!
  2. Ari

    Ari Guest

  3. The thing I like about an Air Rifle is noise, or the lack of it. They are quiet and of course, zero recoil on a .117 caliber weapon. They are great for taking out small game animals in a SHTF situation, Get Home or Bug Out. I really need one for all the pidgeons around my house that live in the trees and crap all over my cars. Wife really doesn't like bird crap on her Honda Passport.
  4. There are places in the world where serious hunting and pest control is done using air rifles because of firearms laws. Air guns have taken a lot of serious game (^^as shown above^^) and projectiles can be cast yourself.

    I wouldn't include one in a BOB, but one as a long-term survival item would help to keep small game on the table and control varmints in the garden. I think I'd include a quality air rifle before I'd add a muzzle loader to my tools.
  5. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    Wow...Bob did go big. Amazing. Although I feel a .50cal is a bit much for a tree squirrel.
  6. Ari

    Ari Guest

    I got to say that my Chicom pellet gun is much louder then my 22 rifles with the subsonic primer fired rounds. (hummingbirds)
  7. Until I did some research like AndrewST did, I never considered an air rifle a survival tool. After reading a few forums about them, they are quite advanced from when I used to have on. One guy spent almost $2500.00 just recently on an outfit. Had a tank of compressed air too. :shock:
  8. Anyone who is properly prepared for long term survival will have a decent quality air rifle. Why use up valuable ammunition on small game animals when you could use a pellet and get the same results?

    I consider the air rifle part of the home/retreat gear, not something you would pack along while bugging out.
  9. I voted no.
    If in the woods I want to hit my small game with a .22 so that I can use the same firearm/ammo for slightly larger game and critters such as Coyotes as well as last ditch SD without having to carry two firearms along with BB's and ammo.
    Just my opinion but I feel that the .22 is more versatile and usefull while also being very light and inexpensive for ammo.
  10. I voted yes for long term survival purposes.

    If you shoot your eye out, you can claim it was an icicle. :D
  11. i would think it would be a good long term survival tool, but i'd suggest pellets instead of bb's. i have pigeons nesting in my eves and i shot them with bbs and it didn't do the trick, but a pointed pellet to the head drops them every time. i have a cheap one from wal-mart (like $40, shoots 650 fps w/ a pellet, from what i hear you can get a wooden one from cummins that shoots 900 fps for around $20). although i do have a 4x simmons shotgun scope on it with the pro-diamond kill zone on it...hey it was on clearance =]
  12. I have a Pellet/BB rifle in my closet & a BB Pistol in my BOB.
    I would definitely use the Pellet Rifle for shooting small game, even though it isn't a high quality one it will do the job on a squirrel or rabbit.
    I'll be swapping out the BB Pistol as soon as I get my money from George Bush. I'll be buying a C9 Comp from Hi-Point so I really will be helping out the economy with that money, since they are American Made :D
  13. JMcDonald

    JMcDonald Member

    This is actually quite interesting. While I do agree that a .22 is far more versatile, if you are talking about surviving for decades then I could see how living out in the boonies and having an air rifle would be nice.

    However, do the cheap toy-like ones do the trick?
    Mine looks alot like this (I don't even know the brand, I got it when I was like 10 though)

    Will it work?


    I accidentally added the period at the end.
  14. JBos

    JBos Guest

    JMcD, the link I was looking for did not exsist; sorry.

    My vote is yes as well. I already have an arsenal of air guns thanks to growing up in Mass. I have a pellet pistol that can easily drop a squirrle from a reasonable pistol distance and 2 pellet/BB rifles that will do the same.

    I think I'll take my paintball gun as well. That way I'll be able to mark which squirrles I want to bring down later.

    (Side note: As part of pest control at a warehouse I worked at we used said air guns to take out grey and red squirrles. The paintball gun was a hoot! Grey squirrles running away with a big blue stains on their butts is hi-larious!)
  15. 803navy

    803navy Guest

    I remember the crossman 760 the first air gun I ever had and a good one at that I can attest to a childhood of killing rabbits,and birds with .177 pellets. The BB's to me were ineffective.
  16. DHumps

    DHumps Guest

    I got a Crossman 760 when I was 7. I had it up until I was about 12 then one of my DA friends poured pellets into the BB holder in the stock. Needless to say it was F'ed up.

    I used to be a crack shot with my last BB gun I had. It had a 4x scope on it, was black with a nickel plated barrel. Can't remember its name/brand. I once put down a crow in flight about 50' in alt. No B.S. I done it a few times with other medium size birds but they are hard to hit because of their speed. Crows are so big if you hit them any where besides the head they keep on flying. I got all my practice shooting Bumbble Bees or Boring Bees out of the air beside my grandpa's barns. I stopped shooting birds though. I started to feel bad and now I'm an avid bird watcher and feeder.

    I never thought of using one for long time survival situations though...I might need to get one and keep it handy.
  17. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    Pellet rifles are so easy to shoot and surprisingly accurate at the 0-40 yard range. The next couple of guns I will be adding to my home are a shotgun, pistol, new pellet rifle.
  18. Yes. My mother in-law took pigions and sqirrels with a Red Ryder BB gun.
  19. I would defnitly like to have a good pellet rifle with a few thousand rounds of ammo for small game.

    Heck, when it comes to survival, even a wrist rocket would be handy to have in the long term.

    Ammo would eventually run out, unless you are one of the guys with 1million rounds of 8mm stashed away, o rings would even wear out on pellet rifles.

    It would eventually be back to spears and bows and arrows if TEOTWAWKI was bad enough
  20. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    Buy extra O-rings just for that reason. Although I have pellet rifles that are pushing 20 years of age and work just fine. I hope TEOTWAWKI doesn't last THAT long :D