Pentagon Successfully Tests First Small-Caliber, Self-Guided Bullets

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    The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced the first successful live-fire tests of the military’s first smart, self-guided bullets.

    In a video released by DARPA Thursday, Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance (EXACTO) .50-caliber bullets maneuvered independently mid-flight to accurately strike targets purposefully offset from where the firing sniper rifle was aimed.

    Wired reported in 2012 the first successful prototype test of the military’s first-ever guided small-caliber bullets, developed by Sandia National Laboratories and Lockheed Martin. Around 4-inches long, the bullets feature optical tips to detect laser beams shown on targets. Actuators inside the bullets then steer tiny fins on their surfaces, which guide them to targets based on information from the tip sensors.

    The bullets can strike a target accurately while accommodating for weather, wind, target movement and other factors, according to DARPA. The prototype tests were able to successfully strike targets from more-than a mile, or 6,500 feet away.
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    That's where our tax dollars are going. Towards more expensive high tech bullets when the ones we've been using were working just fine...

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    Since when is .50 Caliber considered "Small Caliber"...?

    They are fired from Heavy Machine Guns, Heavy Sniper Rifles, and are definitely much heavier than the 7.62 x 51mm (.308) rounds carried by the Grunts early in Vietnam.

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    I love it. High dollar high tech tools covering for lack of skill.

    Here is a video of someone doing the same thing with tech from 1891:

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    And the bullets only costs us the taxpayer $8,500 each
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    He's a hell of a lot more accurate than I'd be...

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    These are not the first guided bullets. I seem to recall that several Hanna Barbarra cartoon characters had bullets that could "sniff" out their target, and change course accordingly. Ricochet Rabbit and Depudy Dog both had 'em. Hiding in a barrel or in a bush was futile; these things would find you. DARPA's been taking the credit for Hanna/Babarra's innovations since the '60s.
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    The detective in Who Framed Roger Rabbit had guided bullets too.
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    I liked the Indian one with the 'hawk!
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    ....and can only be used one time..... :mad:
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    not even close to hitting that steel plate!!!:eek:
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    Sweet, I can't wait for the day wars are fought on gaming consoles. The USA will surely be invincible, what with our up and coming generation having such dexterous thumbs.

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    NE Utah
    Come on, Marine...that's a 3.5 power scope, at 1,700+ yards, he can probably barely see that plate.;)