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  1. I absolutely love when people come to me about choosing a gun or asking specifics about them, it makes me feel like being a gun nut is more useful than just info in my own head.
    The problem lies with people asking about their first gun and inexperienced shooters, we all know there is a massive amount of information out there to learn and crap to wade through, my hopes here are for all of us experienced shooters to create a thread of useful links that we can introduce new shooters, and new members to so they can get a better head start and we can do a better job of helping with more specific questions.

    Pages with info on marksmanship, semi auto vs revolver, caliber capacity vs capability, etc. you guys get the idea.

    I'll start with the most basic and obvious part, basic firearms safety.

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    Duster here: Great idea AOOA. This deserves stickied.
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    I don't usually give anyone gun advice, I just tell them what I like. They have to take it from there.
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    Dang skippy.

    As you may have noticed in several threads around here, there is no one right answer for ANY gun related question.

    You'd need a serous flowchart or decision tree with a whole lot of questions on it. And in the end, there would still be a whole lot of decisions to be made at the store.
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    Something like this?
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    Chuck Hawk has a ton of great information!! :thumbsup:
  6. Alright, I'm glad to see this is taking off.

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    I always tell them to go take a few NRA courses such as Home Firearms Safety and Basic Pistol Shooting.

    I tell them that it is worth the money and there really aren't any better ways for a new shooter to get up to speed (there may be some which are just as good, but none are better).

    If they don't want to spend $100+ on the class, I tell them that the NRA Basic Pistol handbook, which anyone can buy for under $20 including shipping, covers everything from the various kinds of handguns and how they work, through stance, grip, proper sighting, and basic firearm maintenance.

    The book is like $8. If you have a lot of people asking, just buy a bulk order to save on shipping costs, and hand them out (or ask for reimbursement).

    It really is a great introduction. It's the book I would write if the NRA hadn't already done so. If I were a non-NRA instructor, I'd be sorely tempted to copy the outline and just write new text (including photos), following the general outline of the material (which is 100% legal).

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    now if we just had an expert on .40 vs 10mm........:p
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    that's so easy... the answer is 45!:D
  10. You misspelled 12 gauge
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    Illiterate fool...the Answer is 42.:cool:

    Wait for it...

    Don't panic.
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    The answer to life, the universe, and everything!
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    First I recommend a good beginners class; introduction to firearms or something. If they've never picked up a gun before, better they learn properly than to have them on youtube shooting a S&W 500 magnum or .50ae Desert Eagle as their first firearm.

    I took my mom down to the range I go to and got her a private instruction class and took my .22lr rifle and a gun for me to shoot. When we went to the range, we lucked out and no one was in the room besides us; probably made it easier for her her first time out.

    Then, I direct them to a very popular youtuber's video:
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    If you have never fired a pistol or high powered rifle before go to a range with rentals and try a few out and see what your recoil tolerance level is. Really important for smaller framed people.
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    Seems to me that when that comes up we have more "experts" than you can shake a stick at! ;)