People running eBay (i.e. liberals) are stupid

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  1. Had a listing removed from eBay and got a nasty gram from them so I read a bit of their 'policy', what a joke. List an item as a 'flash suppressor' and it's a violation of their so called policy. List the same item as a 'muzzle brake' and it's okay. Guess that's the same line of reasoning that determines an 'assault weapon' is more dangerous than a semi-automatic rifle because it has accessory rails.
  2. I had a listing removed once, had a few extra receiver wedges for an AR-15 that I tried to sell... They hit me for selling assault rifle parts... Really? Little pieces of plastic that keep the two receiver halves from wobbling.

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  3. jake had got notice can't sell his red dot scope on ebay because had put it worked on his ar screw ebay :mad:
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    Too much trouble to read their policy beforehand.....
    Yeah, guess you have to use on of the 100's gun part sites.
  5. They sell thousands of other gun parts, ands scopes.
  6. I try very hard to avoid ebay, unless I absolutely can not get the item I am looking for somewhere else. Why would I buy something off ebay that I can get cheaper direct from the manufacturer? To be fair, that's the same with most middlemen. But, some middlemen have a better price than the manufacturer for the same item. It pays to spend a few minutes shopping.
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    I have been buying and selling on eBay since 2002. I have had more than a few items removed because they violated their selling policy. Like anything else, if you use eBay you have to conform to their rules. If you don't like their rules don't use it.
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    they do. all of which are listed properly to adhere to the site rules. pretty basic stuff. if you want to use someone else's site, you have to follow thier rules, why is that so bad? the items CAN be listed, you just have to do it in a way that doesnt violate what they dont want posted, most likely to avoid any liability for themselves. of the thousands of other gun parts, look at the titles on something similiar and post it like that, not really all that difficult to do.
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    the stupid crunt that founded/owns eBay ran for Gov. in Kommiefornia.
    As a Big, Fat, (wait for it- wait for it!)

  10. I don't have a problem with the rules, provided they're reasonable. To say it's okay to sell a 'muzzle brake' but not a 'flash suppressor'? Really? On one hand I find it hard to think people are that stupid but we're talking about liberals here so I guess that's a no brainer.
  11. Ebay has become a joke of what it once was. It is a market place for China. For American sellers the profit is so limited by the China products. Add that to new and increased fees it is terribly hard for any normal person to sell. Keep in mind the CEO is a big big big Obama supporter, and ebay has been thorn in the governments side for years. It has in many cases kept people disabled, or with single parents the opportunity to make ends meet. That is no good, people must be dependent on the government for gov to keep control.

    I still use and sell on ebay but it is limited to what it used to be. Amazon is just as big a pain, and sell the same China products for even more then Ebay. I have not tried Etsy yet, I am bummed out on the whole internet shopping experience, except for dealing direct with dealers.

    If I want something from China I buy it direct from China, get it in about the same amount of time, and much less. I use Numrichs for gun parts, and business like SARCO, and Buds for mags and ammo. Clothing can be bought direct from the wholesalers online, or surplus outlets.

    Ebay might as well be Chinabay.

    ETA I have had problems in the past with listings deleted, when the same products were not targetted by other sellers. Ebay CS explained that it was from member complaints, in all instances when I contested they put my listings back up. I just got tired of the BS, and the crooked members who pull such stunts.

  12. b-i-n-g-o!!
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    I've sold the same car on Ebay 4 different times, every time the buyer backed out after the winning bid.
    Ebay did nothing about it, can't even file a complaint until 30 or 45 days after the date of the bid.
    It's definitely a buyer's organization and not a sellers.
    But on the other hand I've bought and sold $1000 bare aluminum cylinder heads and $2500 blowers without any issues.
    Bought and sold small gun related stuff, mags, holsters and such.
    Read the rules and if they want you to use muzzle brake instead of flashhider so be it.
    You have to call a chainsaw a chainsaw and and not a Texas zombie massacre head remover...
    it is what it is.
  14. I almost never use Ebay to buy anymore except for some chemicals. I like how when ammonium nitrate was no longer sold there, people sold it for making Tannerite.

    I like seeing all the solvent catchers for guns being sold there. Things like that helps one to understand what is going on at the macro level when added to a few other things.
  15. Again, I would go directly to Cadiz Gun Works and get it from there, avoiding the middle man. **** ebay. Tom Cole is a very decent guy and innovator. He should reap the profits off his own product instead of a re-seller. I haven't checked if Tom is selling on ebay. If he is, cool, but I would still go to his storefront.
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    i gotta agree. it seems they are actually giving the OP an out by giving him a term to use rather than going with a term that raises the hackles of those that wish to be offended. it's part of the problem of dealing with a customer base that's as broad as what ebay is trying to reach.

    btw, i've always been secretly fond of the late 70s early 80s vettes. dont tell anyone, people may think i'm a brony or somethin.
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    You can list just about anything on ebay as long as you word it correctly. It not what you say, it is more what you don't say ;)
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    If I find an item I want to buy, I check the sellers location and shipping time. If the item is being sold in China or any foreign Country it will be identified. Or if not identified and the shipping time is 3 wks, bet your butt it's overseas. Do your eBay homework and it will safe a lot of grief.
  19. As I said before, I don't have a problem with the rules. If eBay doesn't want to allow certain items to be sold on their site I've got no problem with that. My problem is with the mentality that it's okay to list a 'muzzle brake' but the identical item listed as 'flash suppressor' is against the rules. And for the record, it was an A2 style flash suppressor. There's no way it would function as a muzzle brake.

    And no, eBay didn't give me an out, the message I received said that my future listings would be monitored and any attempt to relist the item would result in my being banned.

    As to wether or not I'll continue to use eBay is debatable at the moment. Actually I'm tempted to relist the item, just the thought of some liberal weenie blowing a fuse tickles my funny bone.
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    eBay is run by a bunch of CA anti-gun liberals. I think the present CEO is a woman. They have an extensive list of items you cannot sell. The message is standard and is computerized, not sent by an actual person. I have got a more than a few over the past 22 yrs, and have never been suspended. But it can happen if you continue to violate their rules. As stated, eBay is for the buyer first and the seller second. (So is PayPal). They continue to tighten the sellers rules and loosen the buyer's rules. There is a link to send them your comments. I have used it several times. I won't do any good, but it may make you feel better.