Pepperspray and handcuffs- A pocket space issue.

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  1. TylerSpilker

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    I find myself never carrying my cuffs or spray (have 2oz cans of pepper spray and 6oz cans, and zip-tie style one time use handcuffs [ the compact one for examples])

    The reason I don't is due to lack of pocket space. Car keys, wallet, cell phone. I don't like to have anything but a wallet in my back pocket, and my pocket space is basically full. Anyone carry these things and have a pocket space management tip, or do you use a utility belt type thing that isn't very obvious.

    I also would like to get my surefire in this carrying also, and my knife.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Pardon me if I don't get this...why are you carrying cuffs and 2 sizes of pepper spray?

  3. TylerSpilker

    TylerSpilker Member

    Just the one size. The small guy. I threw in the bigger one if anyone has a method for carrying it instead. lol

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Why do you carry cuffs? Are you LEO or Security? If not you may be arrested for illegal restraint or something to that effect if you use them.
  5. Okay, I misunderstood. But still let me get straight. Are you carrying a handgun, pepperspray, and cuffs? If you aren't in a job where you must detain / arrest people--why the pepperspray and cuffs?

    If you are in a job which requires detention & arrest, I have no experience to share.

    I carry my wallet, keys,some cash, a phone, and my pistol (usually with one spare mag) in pants & pockets. Pen and reading glasses in shirt pocket. I'd leave the wallet behind if I could figure out how to get by without the plastic & ID... (I'd gladly uninvent phones too!)
  6. Jackpine Savage

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    "Why do you carry cuffs? Are you LEO or Security? If not you may be arrested for illegal restraint or something to that effect if you use them."

    +1 to what Shooter said. As a LEO if I find you with OC or any other weapon and restraints, your going to have a lot of explaining to do. If you don't have a good explanation you will need a good lawyer.

    While those items are not illegal, in Minnesota, they are suspicious, especially in todays society. My recomendation is to lose the restraints and just worry about self defense. Carring OC or a pistol (with a permit [don't get me started on that]) is a great idea. As silly as it sounds the restraints make you look like a kidnapper or child abductor.

    Off duty I carry a gun, knife, and a cell phone (on the belt) but no restraints. If I need to use a gun, the uniforms will be responding and will take the suspect into custody. I plan on waiting for the on duty officers to arrive while I cover the proned out suspect.
  7. TylerSpilker

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    Im 20, so a year away from CCW (although carry will be out of the question on campus for now). I want to carry OC for obvious reasons. And I feel that rather than fleeing, I am a burly enough individual with enough confidence in putting someone into cuffs. In Washington state you are allowed to "citizens arrest" (ie detain until a LEO can arrive) an individual if you witness them committing a misdemeanor or higher. My idea is that if I am ever forced to spray an individual it is because I am being threatened with violence or being robbed, well within my means to detain someone. I would certainly want to keep them handcuffed and on the ground for a LEO to get to the scene.

    There have been several muggings on campus this year, and I just want to remain prepared.
  8. Strangerous

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    Tyler, dude...
    The state of Washington does not have a specific statute granting citizen's arrest powers. However there have been several state court decisions rendered that affirm and uphold common law citizen's arrest power for felonies committed in the presence of the person making the arrest OR misdemeanors committed in the presence of the person making the arrest provided the misdemeanor also constituted a breach of the peace.

    HOWEVER: American citizens do not carry the authority or enjoy the legal protections of police, and are held to the principle of strict liability before the courts of civil and criminal law, including but not limited to ANY infringement of another's rights.

    This is why Police officers have lawyers on retainer, CIVIL LIABILITY, and trust me, it's not worth it.

  9. AndrewST

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    It is funny that you say that. What would you consider to be a good reason? What one might consider a good reason, another might not. There is a lot of ambiguity with that statement. Would if he said "I might need them if someone attacks me..." Would that be considered a "good" answer?

    In the state of Oregon any civilian can detain and restrain anyone if the person is posing a danger to themselves or others. Not only that but if you are carrying pepper spray and/or restraints and an officer asks what they are for, you don't even have to give them an answer. You can simply say "They are mine. I purchased them legally."

    Now how other states look at the situation I don't know. I am sure different states have different laws.

    As for the original question this thread was started for, try getting a holder. I have seen leather cuff/pepper spray pouches that slide onto your belt and/or clip to your jeans that will hold the spray and cuff/restraints together.
  10. Strangerous

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    If you had the "200D & 300DL" EX cuffs, it would be simple, just straighten it out, keeping the ring that separates the bands in place -----0----D like that, and keep it under your belt. I know many police officers, security and safety officers who keep zip-ties on them at all times... Just a thought, if you must have them.