Perfect fit C9 holster

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    I think this may have been mentioned before, but a Crosman air pistol holster (Walmart, $5.96) is a perfect fit for a C9. It has an adjustable strap that can be used either with the buckle or the snap, and has a slot for an extra mag. Honestly I can't tell the difference between this and an Uncle Mikes or similar holster. The belt attachment is very secure. For the price you can't beat it!
  2. Looks good, and for the price you can't beat it with a stick.

  3. Indeed. That does look good.
  4. septimius

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    got 2 of those.. bought one for the C9 before the OP's message.. found it did the job for range time and stuff.. bought another one for the wife's 380...

    12 bucks for plinking duty.. cant beat that
  5. I have had one a while for my air pistol but since the first time I put the c9 in it I was like wow :shock: this fits perfect so the air pistol is reserved to the safe and the c9 now occupies the holster. just until I get my fobus holster in a few days.
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    I do believe that it is the perfect holster for a Hi-Point. When you bought your Hi-Point you knew it wasn't the best gun in the world, but the best gun for the money, this holster is the same thing. To be honest why would you want to spend $50 or even $30 for a holster when the gun only cost $150?
  7. Hey I like your thinking its true. I have 2 cheap holsters for my c9 and cf380 and they both work great.
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    I wish that the Wal Mart out here sold those, I looked all around the airsoft/bb gun area several occasions I even asked them if they had any "pistol holsters" The guy looked at me as if I asked for a thermonuclear weapon.... I had to clear my throat and say "you know holsters for these" While pointing to a clear plastic airsoft gun.. I know its only a matter of time before Wal-Marts Gun and ammo section goes the way of the dodo
    But nice holster... I went for the next cheaper thing a $12 used uncle mikes..
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    Looks great. If you would like a great paddle holster, I would steer you towards a Fobus. I have one fot he C-9 and the 40 S&W. They are comfortable and concealable. Check it out.IMHO :D
  10. There is only one drawback to these...... And the Fobus. I am left handed.
  11. None of my local Wal Marts carry the Crossman holster and I have been looking evertime I go. Hopefully I will come across one in the future just so I can check it out for myself..LOL
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    I saw that holster last night at WalMart here. Looks good for 6 bucks. Not the best thing in the world but fully functional, and cheap. Perfect for a good but cheap pistol :wink:
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    Boo my walmart doesnt carry them, if anyone cant think of an xmas present for me..... ;)
  14. Just returned from Dick's Sporting Goods, where they have a ton of these for $7.99. Check your local stores...
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  16. Heh, yeah, that's right. In the soft air/paintball section.