Perfecta 9mm ammo at Wally World

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  1. Anyone ever seen or used this ammo?I saw it at walmart today it's called Pefecta 9mm Lugar 115gr FMJ brass.Says it's made in Italy and distributed by Tula.It was very affordable at $13.97.I didn't buy any.Was tempted though.The guy told me they had Perfecta .380 ACP fmj brass for $15 but sold out.
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    Have not seen it, but my attitude is to try out new things when I see 'em. Always good to have options.

  3. Have it our Walmart and have not bought any to try. Our Walmart got in Brass Maxx by Tula sometime a while back
    and bought 500rnd of it. It was 115gr brass case.
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    Havent tried it yet, but I may not be buying locally anymore.

    If the reman ammo from freedom munitions is ok, I will probably keep buying there. For around $11 I can get 50 9mm or .40 (I bought 500 each) for just over $100 each. I can get Tula in 9mm for $10.99 locally but it might be nice to have Brass and I hear freedom's are cleaner than a lot.

    Just not up to paying what they want for .45 but I can reload that myself...
  5. Here it is.I went ahead and purchased a box.Hope to try it out someday when I can get to a range.

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    It's made by Fiocchi of Italy.

    Works just fine.
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    Anyone tried this yet? My WalMart had it tonight. I didn't get any but would like to try it
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    Dude, that is $2.98 more than Tula @ wally world.

    Somebody is living high on the hog....

  9. Well,Tula is steel cased.This stuff is brass.They wont allow steel cased Tula at my indoor range.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The case shouldn't have anything to do with it. If you stick a magnet to the tip and it sticks? Steel core. My nephew and I had some that we couldn't shoot indoors for an SKS. We had to buy some house ammo.

    I have shot Perfecta in .45, .40, and 9. No problems.

    Beware of any BrassMaxx from Tulammo that is made in Bosnia/Hergozivinia.
    The Italian made BrassMaxx no problems!
  11. I've shot a few boxes of Perfecta in my 995TS and it ran perfecta. Close to PMC in cleanliness if I recall.
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    I shot some 9mm Perfecta thru my SCCY and some 45 ACP Perfecta thru the JH a couple of weeks ago. No troubles at all.
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    At some ranges it is about the cases. There are places that don't allow steel cases. The steel core bullets are a separate matter.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Any reason given? Too dirty? :confused:
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    I do believe that Tulammo Brass and Perfecta are the same thing. Never had any trouble out of either. I use the cases for reloading also.

    Many indoor ranges have a policy of if a magnet sticks to it you can not fire it. That's to keep steel core bullets out. Obviously that automatically prohibits steel case ammo. I think most , it not all steel cases ammo is steel core anyway. Don't know about the Hornady stuff???

    EDIT: I said "steel core" I meant to say " bimetal" most steel cased handgun ammo has a lead core with a copper coated steel jacket.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    If you have steel case touch a magnet to the bullet itself. If it sticks to the bullet it is steel core. First thing I shot out of my 4095 was Tula steel case. It is not steel core. It is illegal (correct me if I am wrong) to sell pistol calibers with steel core in the U.S.

    I spilled some green tipped 5.56 under the dryer the other day. Brass cased Federal, FMJ with steel core. Easy to retrieve with an automotive magnet.
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    Some indoor ranges sweep up the brass and sell them by the pound. I'm guessing the places they sell to won't take mixed metals and the range doesn't want to have to sort it, so they set a policy.