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  1. jniedbalski

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    I picked this Italian made ammo up at Wally World . It is 40 s&w 170 gr fmj Brass case . I shot a box to try it 15.99 a box only 1$ more than Tula steel case Fmj's . It shoots clean and accurate . Shot it out of my high point carbine and pistole. It feeds well no jams or FTF at all. The wal Mart I went to had a bunch in stock

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  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    ok....and what brand was it? what it costs, or even where you got it is meaningless without telling us what BRAND it was.

    ''i bought ammo that worked in my gun''.....doesnt help anyone much.

  3. Bull

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    Definitely need a name.... I'd ask my Wally worlds if they stock it... Don't recall seeing anything like that in my AO
  4. superbeast1098

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    Look in the title of the first post. The brand is called Perfecta. Its made by Tulammo. I think its similar to the BrassMaxx ammo that Tula sells.

    Perfecta is brass case ammo made in Italy and BrassMaxx is made in Serbia. Both are "imported" by Tulammo.
  5. Bull

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    AHHHHH.... Sorry. Dang it... None of that stuff around here
  6. superbeast1098

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    Ive seen it at one of my local BrawlMarts. (my funny name for Walmart)

    I havent bought any of it, so I cant really comment on its quality and reliability. But, if its anything like its BrassMaxx counterpart, it should be good. I have shot Brassmax, and it had fed and fired reliably in my HP C9 and my S&W SD9VE....
  7. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    never heard of it, or seen it locally. but, its definitely NOT italian, if its made by TulAmmo!!
  8. superbeast1098

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    Its actually manufactured by Fiocchi. Brass Maxx is manufactured by PPU in Serbia. TulAmmo has contracts with both of those companies to produce inexpensive brass cased ammo.
  9. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    thats actually rather interesting. a bargain ammo company outsourcing higher priced ammo. as long as it works well, guess thats the important part.

    guess the question would be, how does the price and performance compare to actual Fiocchi? is it the same load quality, or a weaker variation? would be curious to see/hear a side by side comparison between the ''real'' and the sourced out version.
  10. superbeast1098

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    I have not shot any Fiocchi or Perfecta ammo, so I personally cant make a comparison. :)

    I have fired PPU and Brass Max through my HP C9, and both ran flawlessly. I didnt notice any difference between the 2. Both were 115 grain projectiles and felt like they had the same load of powder.
  11. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    i know brassmax works well, i use it in my 40 as well. i really thought ''perfecta'' was just a typo for perfect in the original post.
  12. GoesBang

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    I bought some a couple of weeks ago in 45 ACP.

    Boxer primed Brass
    Made by Fiocchi in Italy. Distributed by Tula.

    If you look on the Fiocchi website they have a line of ammo called Perfecta: "Perfecta line presents meticulously selected components assembled in a dedicated precision loading dept. to guarantee consistent high-performance.

    Experienced in defense sector, case, bullet, primer are selected and balanced according to each powder lot.

    Each round is precisely crafted to ensure the ultimate accuracy and downrange performance."

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  13. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    of course it does. if the box read ''thrown together with the leftover dust from our good sh!t and whatever other scraps we had lying around after making our quality bullets, we bring you these. hope they done kill you!'' im guessing sales would be limited. ;)
  14. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Hah!..... We'd go "I bet my hp will eat them cheap ass bullets up!"
  15. Back2School

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  16. GoesBang

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  17. dmarlatt454

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    Perfecta is a side brand of Fiocchi, just like American Eagle is a side brand of Federal. The rounds are new Brass, with clean powder, boxer primed, and reloadable. I sell lots of this and would recommend this to anyone for plinking, range...heck even personal's ball ammo. Fiocchi and Perfecta are great ammo, do not hesitate. For home or personal defense, go with Hornady.
  18. Grant

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    The Perfecta is good stuff. I have shot it in 3 cals in several different guns with absolutely no issues. Better than Tula, but not high end either, but great range ammo.
  19. Decker008

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    I've put almost 5000 rounds of perfecta though a glock 26 1500 through an xds 9mm 1000 of the .223 through my ar and 300 through an fnh fns 40 never had any issue with it and it's usually 2-3 dollars cheaper then anything out there that is brass
  20. undeRGRound

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    My neighbor has used the Perfecta 9mm Brass to reload,
    says it is very good!