Perfecta my JCP doesn't like - Federal my JCP love

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Browning 9 Guy, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Browning 9 Guy

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    Eek! FTF's in front of the kids! I took all 3 kids to the range yesterday. My son racked our JCP slide and -- FTF. The bullet nose stuck half way up the ramp. Cleared the jam - same thing with the second round. Hmmm. It's Perfecta ammo. The bullet contour. Steep shoulders and sharp edge on the bullet nose.

    Reloaded with Federal 40 S&W and it fed like a kitten. Has a more rounded contour.

    Has anyone tried Perfecta (Tula makes it) and had FTF's?
  2. topsarge502

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    I haven't shot it yet, but I just loaded my mag with Perfecta. I noticed after about the 6th shell, they start to nosedive in the mag. If I smack it, it seems to be OK. Hope to get out this weekend to try. But, I guess I'll be buying some Federal ASAP.

  3. harcdaddy

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    Perfecta has ran perfect thru my Taurus 709. I'll buy it again.

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  4. kevin6154

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    A little feed ramp work will solve this. My jcp had a flat lip at the bottom. Many ftf. Once I sanded it down and polished the ramp it's all good. Any ammo!

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  5. The_Cysko_Kid

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    I only have a c9 and I can shoot out back of my house so I've probably put somewhere between 2000-2500 rounds through it in the last few months. I've only had one ftf and that was using steel jacketed starfire hollow points and it only happened once. The other 19 fed through it like a champ. That being said I usually fire federal 115gr brass jackets through it and every one has been accepted no problem.
  6. The_Cysko_Kid

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    I've had a little nosediving as well but a good smack on the flat of your Palm sets them right. Pretty simple.
  7. jniedbalski

    jniedbalski Member

    I have shot plenty of perfecta ammo in 9mm and 40 s&w and never had any problems with it . It shoots good in my hi point pistols and my 40 carbine
  8. GoesBang

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    Are the Federal and Perfecta the same grain bullet?

    Sometimes the lighter grain will have a sharper point to make up for OAL