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    I have 2 Hi Point pistols, a CF-380 and a C-9. I've had them for several years now and enjoy both of them although I only occasionally shoot the Cf-380.

    While I don't clean them every time I shoot them, I have done the basic tear-down on both many times. By basic, I mean removing the slide from the frame and removing the striker and springs. Once, I removed the right grip panel just to view the components underneath but didn't remove any of the parts. As blasphemous as it may seem to many, I never felt the need to do anything with the sear or any of the safety components or their linkages:eek:.

    The other day on a whim, I decided to expand my skill, knowledge and understanding of the Hi Point pistol by doing a more in-depth disassembly. Short of removing the breech/barrel assembly from the frame, the LRHO mechanism and the extractor from the slide, I took the entire gun apart.

    I was particularly interested in studying the function of the safety mechanisms incorporated into the HiPoint design. Since I had read many discussions on this forum RE: these features, I had no reason to believe that they didn't exist and I didn't feel the need to fully understand the "inner workings" (ya I know, more blasphemy!:rolleyes:)

    Anyway, I now have a much better feel for those inner workings. I am, however perplexed by the sear block (part #24). I can see what it could/should do, but I can't figure out what activates it. The sear block spring (part #23) keeps it pushed toward to front of the pistol where the notch would allow the sear to drop if the trigger was pulled. I see that slight movement to the rear would prevent the sear from dropping BUT I can't figure out what would cause that to occur. What am I missing? Just how does the sear block work?

    I'm sure that someone can explain this. Please be gentle;).
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    Well, I am truly amazed that this post has gone unanswered for a week now:confused:! 126 members have viewed the post. Does no one know the answer? Even if that is the case, plenty of folks usually fake it and throw something out there.

    I can't imagine that it is because it is a stupid question with an answer that's so basic that it is an insult to the forum. Not a day goes by that the forum isn't awash with those types of questions.

    Am I being "blacklisted"?

    Anyway, I had occasion to put a call into the factory in Mansfield. I asked the the tech and he said it was the drop safety. I said that I thought the drop safety was the one that used the weight that hangs behind the magazine in the grip. He told me that there are two drop safeties, the one I just mentioned that helps prevent an AD if the gun is dropped on the base of the magazine and the other (the one I inquired about) that blocks the sear if the gun is dropped with the rear part of the slide hitting the ground, floor etc, first!

    Again, I'm surprised that one of the 126 viewers of this post didn't know that:eek:


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    I don't remember seeing this post, not that I would have had an answer.
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    I am here for educational purposes ONLY?

    I would NEVER want to input my amateur gunsmithing skills & cause somebody to get hurt?

    Besides, I must have missed this the 1st time around?
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    That's what I was going to say, but it would have been a half assed guess. Thanks for confirming it.

    I meant to get back to it, but, well... I forgot your post existed.
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    Maybe instead of "Perplexed" I should have said "IDFK what this part does." or "WTF does this part do?":D (and left out capitalization and punctuation!)
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    Actually you are being blacklisted. The vast conspiracy has singled you out. It has nothing to do with our inability to answer your question. The next time you lose a sock in the dryer you will know who is responsible.

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    Oh don't go there. My socks get lost in the dryer ALL OF THE TIME and I know exactly what's going on! My wife is trying to drive me crazy:eek: (and it's almost working;))