personal defense ammo for 40 cal.

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  1. I bought some Federal Premium 135 gr. jhp low recoil i had 2 FTF would that have to do with the low recoil and the blowback design, because i had no problem with WWW ammo fed every round.
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    I have never fired Federal ammo in my old .40, but I did find that there were other "hotter" loads (not by much) that cycled well. Also, some pistols like certain brands over others. I swear by the Remmington "green box" 9mm for both my C9 and 995. They seem to have a more crisp cycle over the WWB, even when the grain count is the same. I might have one or two FTF's out of every 100 with WWB, and NEVER have had a FTF on the Remmington. But, you're mileage may vary.

    With that being said, the more powerful the load, the better the cycle rate in theory. But, be careful, even if the pistol is rated+P, since the key to weapon life is low stress and low friction when you do not need it.

  3. In my JCP I carry Hornady TAP with 155 or 180 gr bullets never had a problem with either load. Im going to try the WWB hollowpoints in a couple of days and if they cycle well then that will become my out in the woods load and keep the TAP for more social events. In a pinch Id use any FMJ because I have had any load Ive tried give me any problems that I didnt cause myself.
  4. I dunno, it just kinda makes sense that you don't use a low recoil round in a gun that is designed with a blowback mechanism.

    Why would would you want a 135 grain bullet as a self defense round in .40SW anyway? This contradicts the whole design and effectiveness of the .40SW. If you are worried about recoil, you would get much better results with a 9mm and a 115-125gr.