Pets...who are your companions?

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    Who all are animal lovers out there?

    I have two cats. My 16 year old chihuahua died about 7 months ago so now I have these two felines. One is Baxter and the other is just called Kitty. They are pretty entertaining.
  2. Got us a Lab mutt named Lucy, 2 cats Burbank and Eggs....Don't ask... :roll:

  3. duker_sponk

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    Haha. I originally called my little cat sticky cat cause she digs her claws into the carpet when she walks and wants attention. Weird cat I sware.
  4. My cruisin' buddy 116 pound Boxer.


    Waiting for the kids on Halloween


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    We have my sister's service dog Asia [7] family cat Moose,[14] my cat Bubbette,[3] and sister's little cat Baby[3] plus a fish and a enole
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    We have a 140 lb AKC champ Bull-mastiff (Magnus) a guinea pig and 2 fish.
  7. Rory (a Russian Wolf hound), Tigger and Dini (ancient, twin calico kitties), Felix, a young, black, male Siamese mix, and a handful of chickens.

    (Searching all over the drive for pix): Drat! I swear, Gunny, I'll get animals uploaded!
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    I have had many pets dogs and cats. Dealing with the loss of one is the worst feeling in the world. Currently I have an English Bulldog: Chesty Puller


    He is my child and is treated better than my nieces and nephews.
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    Haha. Cute pets y'all.
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    I have 5 dogs;
    Zues an 8 yr old 258lb St Bernard
    Jake a 12 yr old 110 lb BullMastif/Rot Mix
    Andy a 5 yr old Wirehair terrier mix
    Tiggs a 4 yr old 130 lb BullMastif
    and Buttercup (the only female) a 1 1/2 yr old rotty mix
    This lot keeps life interesting and the Vet wealthy.
  11. I have four cats. Smokey 7, Slots 7, Scout 3, Cloud 3. Also, Smokey weighs 28 pounds. The rest are normal.
  12. Geez. Imagine someone known as Jarheadhaving a Bulldog named Chesty Puller.

    Go figure :D

    My boy Doodles may be little and may be rescued from an abusive environment but he can eat and poop twice as much as your dogs.

  13. Wife has 3 cats...they drive me nuts!
  14. [​IMG]
    these are my three cats the one with the white spot is midnight the one next to him is tibby the tortoise colored one is patches
  15. [​IMG]

    AKC Labs... White one is Chase and the Black one is Sable..
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    6 cats, Mini, Cooper, Lotus, Lucas, Thor(mom named him, 15year old cat), Mama Kitty(mother to Mini and Cooper) Two dogs,,,, 168lbs Great Dane named Jensen,, 65lb german shepard/beagle mix Sadie. And a ferret named Tucker... Yeah,,,,, some of you might have noticed,,, the wife and I are car nuts,,, especially British cars. All animals were rescue animals. We spend more at the pet store a month than we do on food at the grocery store.
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    Oh and BTW Jensen the Dane is a deaf albino,,,,,,, can't hear a thing but I still yell at her all the time. She is really DUMB!!!
  19. Black lab's all the way :).