PF-9 vs P11

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by pills, Nov 10, 2007.

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    Ok so nobody has either of these around. Before I order one in I was wondering if someone can give me the ups and downs on each. If you had to choose which one? Also what are they going for in your area?

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    Keltec handguns are DAO which means you have to pull the trigger every time you fire them. I had a P11 and bought all the accessories. It still had a long hard triggerpull. You should shoot all guns before you buy, but especially this one. If you like it buy it. If your looking for something affordable for CCW, Check out a Makarov.

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    I have own both models and all I will say is select another pistol as these where the worst problematic guns I had ever owned, customer service sucked as I returned two of the pistols three times for the same problem until I dumped the pistol off as a trade on another gun. I still own a P-32, P3-AT and a Sub-2000 but the Sub will be going back once again as it can not take the heavy use I give it without breaking parts.
  4. Couple of thoughts to add to the mix. I own a P-11. It used to be my CCW until I got my M&P. For me it was a good first "carry" gun as it has that notorious hard trigger pull. You can get a trigger cover to make it easier, but mine fell off and I lost it while practicing movement shooting at the range.

    Mine has never given me a bit of problem. I liked the long / hard trigger pull for my first carry gun as it gave me a comfort feeling - less likely AD. Now that I'm more experienced and hundreds of rounds of shooting, and practice drawing and reholstering, I don't feel I need that hard trigger to be safe while carrying.

    I've not tried to mod my gun - I don't have skills for that. If this were my only gun, I'd be complaining real bad. The P-11 has a strong following but so do Barbies and old records..... gotta see what's right for you. Had I shot one before buying it, I may not have bought it - it's a tough little gun to shoot. Shooting beside the C9 is no contest - the C9 is Heaven in comparison to shoot.

    That should poison your well a bit. Check the forum at KTOG before you buy too.
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    I have a Glock 23 and the Wifes C-9 to carry concealed if I want to go IWB. I saw a kel-tec with a clip on the side that when inserted looked like a pocket knife and that peaked my interest.

    Thanx for all the input and keep em coming.
  6. I hear Kel-Tec makes a wicked 9MM nail gun too......... since you have experience!

    :lol: :lol:
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    My P11 is right here next to me. I have gotten used to the trigger and have had zero problems with it.. I shoot well with it..
  8. I have both a P3AT and a PF9 that I carry. My 'main' carry gun is a Kimber Ultra CDP II but it requires a holster. I can slip either of the Kel-Tecs into a pocket without a holster for more casual wear. Actually, the PF-9 conceals so easily and is so light I've found myself using it more than the others. I did have the ejector pin problem that is common to these and sent it back. They returned a new pistol with the same serial number and I've had no other problems with it (about 300 rounds since it came back) I don't find the trigger pull or the recoil to be a problem. YMMV

    Hope this helps... :)
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    Ups: Both are inexpensive, made in the USA, have lifetime warranty's and are very concealable.

    Downs: The P-11 trigger pull takes a bit to get used to. The PF-9 is supposed to have a nicer trigger pull than the P-11.

    I personally have owned and carried a P-11 for many years. It has been perfect other than a broken trigger axis after about 3k rounds through it. I called customer service and my parts were in my mailbox 4 days later.

    Comparing the 2, the P-11 comes with a 10 round double stack mag, you can get flush 12 rounders for it. The PF-9 is a single stack 7 round, as you probably know. Looking at the numbers the PF-9 doesn't seem that much thinner but actually holding it in your hand it feels significantly thinner. I love my P-11 but the lighter weight and thinner profile has me looking for a hard chrome model to replace my P-11 as a daily CCW.

    The prices I have seen locally range from $260 down to $230 for either model.
  10. I have a P11 that I use for CCW. Overall it's not a bad gun jus takes some time to get used to the trigger pull. Fairly accurate and light. I will however be selling it here within the next few weeks to buy a Glock 26 to use as my primary carry gun.
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    Not sure what you mean by that...????

    Anyway, here's my .02:
    I used to have a P11, now I have a PF9. I prefer the PF9 due to the feel in my hand. while the P11 is smaller, the PF9 fits in my hand better without the pinky extension. I find it much easier to shoot - more comfortable. It has to do with the grip, length and width. Even though it is thinner, I have amuch more positive grip on the weapon. This translates to making the PF9 more shootable. The P11 wore out my hands, and the pinky extension was a necessary to be a comfortable range session. Also of note, the build quality seems much better on the PF9 since my P11. Customer service has been great, IMO much better than HP. I had a mag release swithced out- which took 9 days door-to-door. Totally unheard of from HP.

    This is not my primary gun of course. It makes a great go-to for the glovebox, GHB, BUG...

    neither are incredibly accurate, but do the job. If you get the PF9, get a later S/N (newer) as many early production models had some issues. The current production models are great.

    Some of the above posters seem a little like HP bashers, no? Every gun has some issues/ personality disorders. Please keep that in mind.
  12. Kel-tec handguns are Double action only hence the long trigger pull. Although all of the guns I own you have to pull the trigger to make em go bang :shock: Jus jackin wit cha bud !!
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    Yeah, I have yet to shoot a gun which the trigger does not require pulling.
    That would be a great
    a) selling point
    b) safety device
    c) rally point for anti-gun advocates
  14. Vallen, I don't know what it is that you've been smokin' but Hi-Point customer service is the best in the business. I have only had to call them twice but every time I did, 3 days later my parts/accessories were on my doorstep.

    Have you had a bad experience with Hi-Point customer care?
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    I never said it was bad. I was merely stating that my experience with KelTec was exceptional. My HP turnaround was 4 1/2 weeks. I understand they are busy, but both e KT and HP are both small plants producing similar amounts of volume.
  16. Well, from what I have heard across the old forum and even now, alot of people have had negative things to say about Kel Tech's customer care and tech support. I personally don't own a Kel Tech, so I have never dealt with them. I am glad you had a good experience with them, that always makes you feel good doesn't it? :D
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    Yeah, I like the small American companies that are trying to make a good product at a fair price. KT is doing pretty good, considering they have grown geometrically in the last 5 years, mainly due to the popularity of the P32, P11 and now the PF9. I think they are similar companies- no frills construction and build quality, good function- but sometimes needs a little tweaking to get it perfect.

    I'm actually surprised some HP folks have diss'd them- especially since many LEO's carry KT's as BUG.
  18. They haven't dissed Kel Tech as a whole, just stated that sometimes their customer care left something to be desired. :wink:
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    you know I remeber a Taurus .380 I had years ago. Back when there name wasn't what it is today.

    100$ hand gun and supposidly junk. Now they are well respected.
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    Re PF-9 or P11

    I have no experience with the PF-9. My P32 has been 100% reliable and I carry it is as a BUG. My P11 however is another story; too many FTF for me to trust it for self defense. I have tried several brands of ammo even ball and still 2 to 3 on FTF on each magazine. I tried several different magazines and I am not limpwristing. I CCW a Glock 27.