Phoenix Crossroads of the West Gunshow Report - 4095 Price

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  1. Z28Driver

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    I went to the Phoenix gunshow today. Very, very large show - they said over 900 tables at the ticket booth. I only saw one Hi-Point Carbine, a 4095LAZ, which the dealer had been asking $339 for, but had lowered the price for the show today to $319. Additionally, I only spotted two or three C9 handguns for sale. They were running $149 to $179 if I recall correctly.

  2. Jefferson

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    I picked up a C9 at a local gunshop here in Jefferson City for $139.00 last week. :p
    It sure seems to be a reasonable price thus far.

  3. Kelotravolski

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    with background check and tax $135 for a c9
  4. DaSOB

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    I went to the Slidell, LA show this weekend - C9's for $139.00 + tax, .45's for $159.00. Several dealers had them, but I didn't see a single carbine of any caliber.
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    Re: Phoenix Crossroads of the West Gunshow Report - 4095 Pri

    I also attended the Crossroads/ Small Arms Review Show in Phoenix. It is the largest gun show west of the Rockies.

    I picked up a very gently used used HP 995 with all accessories (scope rails, trigger lock, HP tool, Sling, Swivels, Original Paperwork), 4 mags AND a box of Federal HydraShok JHP for $100.
    In addition to that sweet find, I bought 3 Chicom MN Type 53 Carbines (M44) for $35 each. They are pretty rough but I am looking forward to the project.
    This is always the best show in Phoenix. $15 Admission, good for all 3 days (coupon for a buck off made it $14) and $7 parking each day.
  6. good find on the Type 53 carbines, I wish I could find one that cheap so I could check it out

    Please post pics if you can :)
  7. Z28Driver

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    Re: Phoenix Crossroads of the West Gunshow Report - 4095 Pri

    Very, very lucky find on the Type 53's. What day did you go? I wish I could have gotten one of those. When I parked Sunday, the girl at the ticket booth told me that this past weekend was one of the most heavily attended shows (Friday and Saturday) they have ever had there at the Fairgrounds. Also, several of the dealers were sold out of 7.62 x 39mm ammo by Sunday. Anyway, congrats on the Type 53's. Last one I saw around here was at the Cabelas across from the Cardinals stadium last year for about $200. I would love to see pics of those when you get a chance.
  8. Mike_AZ

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  9. WOW That guy has a little bit of everything! I noticed that he had the Chinese MN carbines for the same price on his website.
  10. Mike_AZ

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    The Chinese Mosins are the Type 53s
  11. Yeah, I knew that but was too lazy to type it :oops:

    I have never seen or held one, it would be interesting to see what differences there are between the Chinese and Russian models.
  12. Nice find--

    I just ordered 2 with a possible 3 (if I can sneak it by the wifey) from him--

    not bad-- I only expect to get one good one, but the wood can clean up-- and I can probably get a second good and working if I put my braniac powers to use!!

  13. If he is honest about his grades, NRA fair is not that bad. Probably not a beauty queen, but should be safe and mabe just a little tinkering or small parts missing to get working.

    If you buy 3 you should get at least 2 working with no problem
  14. Mike_AZ

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    Here is the one I bought from him. Out of the ones he had at the show, this one had the best wood. Some others had some really gouged up stocks. [​IMG]
  15. DaSOB

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    Not a bad pickup at all for $35. The Russian M44's I saw in Slidell were going for around $125 - $140 in re-arsenaled condition. That one will clean up good and make a good shooter.
  16. panamared1951

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    I called Omega today and left my number. I am wanting to pick up a couple of the 53's for a project to do with my grandson. 91/30's,M38's, and M44's the best prices I have found were at J&G Sales. I am glad I did some forum looking and found the info on the 53's. :D

    At the local shows in Savannah most in these lines go for $99 pretty ragged looking. I see refurbished ones with asking price of $150 average. My 91/30 for instance cost $69 at J&G but then postage as well. Good conditions guns I have always received from J&G.

    I really don't need more long guns but then there is no such as too many. I do fear the day will come when those that have not stocked up will really wish they had.