Phoenix Hp22 hp25 wood grips from

Discussion in 'Consumer Reviews' started by dirt_19, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. dirt_19

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    I purchased These grips from Ebay but the gentleman who made them also sells them on his website The pictures on Ebay and on the site make the grips look very attractive .


    Over all I am very happy with the grips . The fit is excellent in my opinion requiring no filing or modifications of anytype .

    They do swell the width of the grip area and have a contour at the edges that make the grip feel less blocky .

    I wouldn't say they are better than my hogue grip sleeve that I have installed on my silver model as I feel It does offer a surer and firmer grip .

    But I find myself thinking that the wood grips are just more attractive and maybe better for someone thinking of using the HP25 as a pocket carry,conceal carry , etc than the hogue grip sleeve .

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  2. sarahsmom

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    I want to get those for mine. I wish he still made the rosewood ones, I think they would look really awesome on the blued hp22! I asked Thinmeister if he could make them out of rosewood for it. He said he could, but he would have to have the pistol to do it. So I guess walnut it is (someday). You think there would be someone that made the rosewood, or cherry even.

  3. undeRGRound

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    Old Phoenix is looking purdy good!

    How do you like those mags? I ran them all at least once, only
    glitches seemed to be ammo related, still well over 90% reliable.
    Had a couple rounds fire on second strike, and maybe a short-stroke.
    Weak Round, I'd say.
  4. dirt_19

    dirt_19 Supporting Member

    I was disappointed that he wasn't selling rose wood as well I really wanted to see one in the flesh but I'm satisfied with the walnut for now .

    I have been thinking about making some grips with my 3d printer when I start experimenting with Nylon . I kinda wanna model a pair of grips that have " I don't know what the real name is " a more pronounced thumb shelf , contour, or recess . Kinda like these but a little less pronounced .[​IMG]

    To be honest I haven't shot the new pistols yet but I can say I wasn't a fan of the extended grip magazines when shooting my Nickel / silver one I prefered the standard magazine . My brother on the other hand would only shoot my silver one with the extended grip magazines installed he loves them. I now I have plenty of each so to each there own .
  5. sarahsmom

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    I think those grips would be awesome! Hope you can do it, then I can buy a pair from you!