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    I had a photobucket account for a while now. I tried to get on and My account is no longer there. They will not allow me on. My username and password no longer work. I give up on Photobucket. NEVER MORE!!!
  2. were you putting naughty photos up there again???? If I told you once, I've told you 100000000 times! :lol:

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    Eh, it's better than Flikr. I HATE trying to use that site... pain in the rear to forward links and such. I use Vidilife myself. It's not as refined, but works great in the end. They also host video, but I wouldn't suggest it since they have an issue with some video codecs..... that's what YouTube is for.
  4. I still use PhotoBucket but hate all the darn java and flash ads. My hobby room PC is old and slow and the ads on photo bucket are a real PITA when it comes to load time.
  5. Is photobucket like tripod or hotmail? If you dont log into the account occasionally they pull the plug?
  6. I love photobucket. But I do need to back up everything just incase. I keep everything on photobucket.
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    I agree on that, taurus. Thats why I dont have much pics up anymore. I had a Image Station account that got whacked for no reason...their response, it was against their COC. Screwem.

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    Nope no naughty pics just some gun pics and a few others. I am just gonna say forget it
  9. shooterz I had a tripod home page that I had spent many hours on and one day it was gone, tripod told me we are sorry but there is nothing we can do about it.

    I was very dissiapointed to say the least

    I have a homepage there, but it is a shell of what it used to be

    I feel your pain