Photos of our cars/trucks (any car people out there?)!!!

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  1. Are there any car people out there?
    Share some of your photos of your cars/trucks.
    Would love to see some of them.

    Here's my baby. She's just a V6. I couldn't swing the extra sticker price, insurance and gas for the GT. So I got her in 2006 and dressed it up a bit. Cold Air Induction will be my next project... then when I need new rubber, I'll be buying a new set of GT take-offs (17's or 18's) since I've got the stock V6 16's now. But I still have plenty of tread so for now, I'm all set...

  2. that v-6 will do all you need it to do.....why spend extra just to say
    you got a "GT"? that is a nice looking car as it is!

  3. Got a minivan I will trade you for it hehehe ;) Ahhh to be young again

    The best car I ever owned was a 73 Corvette Stingray with a factory HP 350. Was painted competition orange and had T tops

    Also had a 67 Mustang fastback, horrible puke green in color with a 429 cu inch engine and a holley 780 double pumper 4bbl carb, factory cast iron headers and a Ford rockcrusher 4 speed tranny. Got about 8 miles to the gallon.

    Way way too fast of a car for a 18 yr old, its a wonder I never killed myself in it.

    All before marriage of course.

    I still miss those darn cars
  4. if you had that mustang right now it would be worth a
    ton of money....... :wink:
  5. Tell me about it, I had a bone stock 66 mustang notchback with a straight 6 200 cu inch that was a sweetie. They go for a good price too.

    if I had the vette it would be worth a nice chunk of change too, but when you are young you dont think of stuff like that.

    The one care that I never got that I wanted was a 67 Camaro. And they are pricey now a days so that kills that idea.

    I used to be into fast boats but got out of them as I got older, I have a perfectly good Mercrusier 454 engine sitting down in the shop that I would love to put in a old Camaro. But even crummy bodies go for a small fortune these days
  6. Thanks Rob. I appreciate it. My idiot friends at work always bust my chops for buying the V6, but they're not willing to donate anything for the V8... Ha!
  7. Shadowlands I am just glad to see that they have started making the Mustang a nice looking car again.

    And I bet it still scoots down the road with the V-6, what with computers and all they can make a v-6 do things that they could not do years back ;)
  8. Waltham,
    a 73 stingray and a 67 stang... good lord!!!

    Get this... that girl at work who I'm trying to maybe get with....
    she's got a 65 stang in her garage and she's restoring it...
  9. She only came with 210 HP, but it's a big V6... she's 4.0, not bad....
    My exhaust and the cold air induction will help a bit, plus she's a stick shift...
  10. Thats good to hear, they are getting rare. And pricey.

    Many years ago my ex step brother missed a chance to get an original Shelby cobra mustang, I want to say around a 67 but am not sure......a little rich girl got it from daddy new and totally trashed it out and my stepbrother restored cars and tried to buy it but he was outbid by another person

    He told me it was a god awful shame what she did to that car.

    Darn car would probably be worth half a mil these days.

    Here is a car story that I know is true. Like I said, my step brother restored cars so he was "in the loop" with the other local restorers, and he ran into one one day at the gas station and the guy was dancing on air. He told my step brother that he saw an ad for a 67 Chevy 300 bucks in the paper and started not to check it out, figured it was an old impala junker or something.

    But he called and it was an old lady and he went out and talked to her.

    Turned out it was her sons car, he bought it and then got drafted and went to Vietnam and was killed. The car sat in the garage for almost 15 years and she decided to sell it.

    They went out there and it was a 67 Vette Stingray with like 3 thousand miles on it. Only thing wrong with it was it was dusty from sitting all of those years.

    He payed the lady on the spot and said he would be back in 2 hours with a trailer and some tires that would hold air, as the ones that were on it had dry rotted and were flat.

    My stepbrother was so jealous of that one LOL
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    I dont have any pics of them but my two "fun" cars are an 86 ford ranger with a 300HP 5.0 V8, nitrous oxide, box deck and wing. It covered the 1/8th mile in right at 9 sec. the other is a 86 Fiat X-1/9 bertone custom with a rear mounted fuel injected I-4, custom cam and exhaust, lowered with itialin bertone wheels. it also has a "road handling" package and drives likes its glued to the pavement.

  12. Nitrous oxide can be real fun, I call it the poor mans blower LOL
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    Don't know how much I would believe that story waltham, those are pretty much word for word lyrics to a country song "Riding with Private Malone" Only difference is it was a '66 not '67
  14. My first car. Bought it new off the showroom floor.

    The car I drive now. Oldsmobile Silhouette, bought used at $2,000 under book.
    That's what 40 years do to ya.
  15. Dont know what to tell you, unless my stepbrother was lying to me, and I dont see any reason why he would, its as it was told to me,

  16. Sweet car!!!!! I bought a 79 camaro brand new, but they were just not the same as the old ones.
  17. In 1986 I was in Duncan OK and saw a 1963 or 1964 Vette sitting under a lean-to in a pasture waiting for it's owner to come back from Vietnam. The dad said That's where his son parked it when he left and that's where the car will be when his son comes home. His son is MIA.
  18. Stranger things have happened. This is a weird world we live in.

    Sorry to hear of the guys son being MIA at least with KIA there is closure
  19. Now your making me think back to much. Lets see what "fun" cars I had and sold (what was I thinking)... 67 Camaro, 77 Camaro, 59 TR-3, 57 Bel Air w/283, 68 GTO. Now the Silhouette is my daliy driver. In the garage is another 67 Camaro that I started to restore and had to stop. and next to the house is a 72 GMC 1500 short bed.
  20. My everyday driver. 2005 Hemi Magnum.

    My wife's 2000 Dakota 5.9 R/T. 360 cu. in., 3.92 rear.

    My 1937 Plymouth Business Coupe

    My first new car. 1964 GTO. I bored the engine out to 401, balanced and bluprinted, close-ratio 4 speed, 4.33 posi rear. metalflake paint.