Pic of my Heritage .22 Revolver

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  1. squeak_D

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    Here's a small pic of my Heritage Rough Rider .22LR single action revolver. This is my first pic post so be kind, and it's not the best quality pic. My camera isn't the greatest.

  2. you can never get tire of old school revolver.

  3. love that gun, got the same thing (not the same brand) in 45 long colt
  4. squeak_D

    squeak_D Guest

    Yeah, I love this little gun. Heritage Single Actions are like the HP's of the Single Actions. They're affordable, reliable, and well built. They don't have HP's warranty, but repairs on them aren't costly.

    Hell I wouldn't think twice about using this thing for home defense. It may be a .22, but it's not that small :) Something about these old school revolvers that scare the sh!t out of people (when they find themselves on the wrong end of one). Plus .22LR is one of the worst cals to take a shot to the head with! All that ping ponging inside your dome :)
  5. Cool! Love that gun!
  6. Don't worry about your first pic post, it looks good. Great little pistol man, they are great guns.
  7. AndrewST

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    Those photos are better than what I am able to take.

    Nice pistol, I hope you enjoy it a lot!
  8. unclerob

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    Cool Revo Squeak.
    Thanks for posting the photo.
  9. shelbyzman

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    Nice pistol! Pretty sure thats what I'm getting with b-day money.
  10. I need to get a 22 SA wheelgun. They are so much fun. Would like to stumble across one that comes with different cylinders so I can have a 22 mag too.
  11. squeak_D

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    This is a fun gun to plink with :) It's nice as we'll just lower the gate of the truck, set up some targets, grab a cold one, have a seat on the gate, and just knock em down. Makes for a nice afternoon.

  12. A cold soda I hope, as we all know alcohol and firearms don't mix. ;-)
  13. squeak_D

    squeak_D Guest

    Yes it's a soda :) However, our targets are typically saved beer and soda cans.....
  14. Now that's good living right there! A day of plinking is simply fun.

    I really like your revolver. Until this thread I had never heard of Heritage. Guess I'm going to have to get one too.
  15. squeak_D

    squeak_D Guest

    Sure is good livin. The best way to end that day is coming home and having fried deer meet, seasoned fried potatos, greenbeans, and some sweet cornbread for supper! Now that makes for a good day around here :)
  16. Deadeye008

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    All Heritage SA .22 wheelguns come with a .22LR and a .22Mag cylinder. I have two of them. One with a 6.5" barrel and wood grips and another with a 3.5" barrel and mother of pearl bird head grips. They are very fun guns!
  17. squeak_D

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    That's actually not true. Not all Heritages come with both cylinders. The option I purchased is with one cylinder. It's a few bucks cheaper than the models that ship with both cylinders. Have a look here: The 4th one down is with only 1 cylinder.

  18. Deadeye008

    Deadeye008 Member

    I stand corrected...