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picattiny rails on stock Stock?

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has anyone ever but picatinny rails on there factory stock? if so how is it done? :shock:
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I agree with bushman on not caring too much for the skeletonized stock.

And, for random bunny-pancake thoughts, here's an unacceptable picatinny photocrap of the factory stock with an ludicrously unsupported rail:

Make of it what you will, including -- God willing -- realistic improvements.
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I second the motion. The butt plate is interesting: it _could_ be adjustable, but it bears an uncanny resemblance to bushman's idea on how to fix the ATI stock.

There you go.

NOT that realistic, but I am sure you could make something that would cover the gap between the heatshield and rail.
That, sir, is outstanding!
Im not impressed by it...wayy too much bling on there, and it looks like the whole handguard assembly is shaped like a heatsink, and would be very uncomfortable to hold, IMO...
Uncomfortable to hold? Maybe because of weight; however, the original forestock is unchanged, and I find that very comfortable, almost snuggly. I think that the secret to this design is a light-weight folded sheetmetal structure that provides strength to the rail with minimal additional weight.

As for bling: Yeah. You're right. Not that that's a _bad_ thing.
What I mean is it looks like the underside of the forward stock has sharp ribs, like a radiator...would be rather uncomfortable to have the weight of that going onto your hand after a while...
Hmmmm... don't see it. At least in my imagination, the underside is unchanged: it's the superstructure that's blinged out.
Easy ....a 4" rail 2 screws and a tap and die ! i aready looked at it and i can be done!
OK duke, you can either do that or short rail, with 4 drilled thru holes for #4 socket head cap screw with counterbore (larger drill to clear the head).

That way you don't need to tap anything... unless you want to.. in that case use a #6 tap because the holes on the top of them shield are precisely the drill tap size for a #6-32 thread. This is how I attached the top rail for the quad rail prototype.

If you want me to make you one, just PM me. Price should not be too much.. .maybe 10 bucks plus shipping.
I have really, really, really tried to follow this backward, and still can't figure out what this mod is about (ither than, of course, a rail.). What did I miss? How does it mount? And, of course, if I'm really clueless, feel free to slap me down.

Signing off, as someone looking for rails on the standard stock...
Wow, I like that... unfeasible for now... but definitely like it.
Thanks. I think that groundzero's idea (and I'm interpreting here) was for an inverted U-shaped sheet-metal shroud which, when bolted to the bottom of the unsupported long rail, provides stiffening, as well as an ultia-cool vented look. But the key is the folded metal reinforcement.

It may not even need to interlock with the frame; the reinforcement which it provides to the rail may may be enough.

That said, you're a machinist, not a bender, so this may not fit your tooling capabilities. And, of course, I may be radically wrong on the concept, and it might not fly anyway.

But, regardless, I like this -- probably better than both the new stock and your quad-rail (no offence).
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