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picattiny rails on stock Stock?

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has anyone ever but picatinny rails on there factory stock? if so how is it done? :shock:
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Would you guys be intrested in being able to buy some picatiny pre-drilled for all 4 screws on the top of the guard?

If there is enought intrest, I'll buy some stock picatinny and cut, dirll, and counterbore. Lets say for about $15. Raw aluminum.
Funny you bring that up, cuase that was gona be my next post.

So 3 products to be made are:

* Short pre-drilled rail (same size as original stamped rail)

* Long rail and mount that will fit the original stock and hold the heat shield down.

* Long rail that will fit the ATI

You definitely need something on the front to brace the rail... but yes it does not have to be that heavy duty. Probably 3/8" plate cut in a complimenting shape. Held on with a set screw or two. Even though that clamp style is much nicer, it is alot more difficult to do.

Yes, I know the stock looks like crap, but use your imagination. Also, notice that front support looks alot like the quad rail mount... thats cause it is. In case you buy this and later decide to add the other 3 rails. The rail also has the hole for that second mount, if its ever needed.

And for those I-dont-want-to-void-my-warranty guys, nothing is modified, its completely removable, and the weapon stays on the original stock so you won't run the risk of "overcompresing your springs". :roll:
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Will that be Paypal?
I would ask one thing. Bigger setscrew hole.
I love my flash hider in all ways but went through 2 hex head wrenches to tighten the small set screw that the hole allows.
I could go for a full length with forward post, I was wanting to put a laser inside the ATI stock but lasers stink in practice. Besides I'll have my red dot on the picatinny.
So when do you want the funds?
Hmm, I still have all my original allen wrenches and I have installed and taken off my of the prototype flash hiders. Make sure you are using the right one. I'm thinking on the next batch to go to a #8 setscrew. I already did this on some of the ones for the 4095.

As for the rails... give me a little time. I'm up to my eyeballs with work.
Very intresting... not too keen on the skeletonized stock, but the front looks nice.
Its a camera phone picture.
Its called support and co-witness.

Full rail offers support (on some guns) and heat desipation. but most importanly you can mount a variety of steel sight and holo scopes and have the ability to co-witness (see through both of them).

Oh yeah, they look COOOOOOOOL!!!111
I think you guys are talking about different stocks. One of the new HP stock and the other one of the PhotoShopped stock.

See, this is what happens when people post unrelated info or hijack a thread.
OK duke, you can either do that or short rail, with 4 drilled thru holes for #4 socket head cap screw with counterbore (larger drill to clear the head).

That way you don't need to tap anything... unless you want to.. in that case use a #6 tap because the holes on the top of them shield are precisely the drill tap size for a #6-32 thread. This is how I attached the top rail for the quad rail prototype.

If you want me to make you one, just PM me. Price should not be too much.. .maybe 10 bucks plus shipping.
Well, I'm talking about replacing the stamped rail on the top of the gun with a milled aluminum rail. Same length and same hole pattern to keep the installation simple.

Haven't tried to mount anything there. You can't go down the centerline because of the split of the stock.

It would have to be slanted to make up for the stock angle.

Also it would have to be contoured to fit snugly on the curvature.
1. You are only offering this in the raw aluminum, not all black or black except where you've machined it?
2. You mentioned $15, but I think that you were only talking about the short rail that would be the same length as the factory mount. About what price for a longer rail?
3. There are rails that would clamp above the existing scope mount and protrude further forward on the market now. (e.g. http://www.yhm.net/store/rails.html ) How long until your product would be available?
1. Only raw aluminum. Maybe painted flat black but with regular paint... NOT powdercoated or anodized.

2. Price has not been settled on yet. The longer the rail, the more the price.

3. Maybe a couple or weeks, maybe a bit more.
Wow, I like that... unfeasible for now... but definitely like it.
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