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picattiny rails on stock Stock?

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has anyone ever but picatinny rails on there factory stock? if so how is it done? :shock:
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Very intresting... not too keen on the skeletonized stock, but the front looks nice.
Sweeeet! The mullet, I mean...

Seriously, it looks like the butt is adjustable.

Well, now we know it exists, and they weren't just blowing smoke up our [butt]. Can't wait.
eh, it's ok. But the Mullet is AWESOME!
Hmmm, molest-ache, mullett, gold chain...I didn't know Hi-Points were made in central Pennsylvania. j/k

I think the shiny-ness is just from poor photo quality. I'll run it through Photoshop when I get more time and see if I can clean it up. Unless they are using polished metal for their mock-up/test carbine.

There you go.

NOT that realistic, but I am sure you could make something that would cover the gap between the heatshield and rail.
I like it, it adds symmetry and balance to the stock, almost like a haiku...

hi-point redesign
picatinny rails are nice
let's shot one today
I'd be down for that, or for the full length for my ATI stock. I had a Beretta CX4 toprail from a friend, but it would need a filler piece to cover the difference between the receiver cover and the front-top of the ATI. I did use the front tri-rail, and that fit PERFECTLY, a good $20.
1 - 5 of 90 Posts
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