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picattiny rails on stock Stock?

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has anyone ever but picatinny rails on there factory stock? if so how is it done? :shock:
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Sweeeet! The mullet, I mean...

Seriously, it looks like the butt is adjustable. And is it just me, or does it look they have rings where the receiver cover bolts are?

Well, now we know it exists, and they weren't just blowing smoke up our [butt]. Can't wait.
Very intresting... not too keen on the skeletonized stock, but the front looks nice.
Sweeeet! The mullet, I mean...

Seriously, it looks like the butt is adjustable.

Well, now we know it exists, and they weren't just blowing smoke up our [butt]. Can't wait.
eh, it's ok. But the Mullet is AWESOME!
Looks like J.C. Whitney's "Chrome Racing Hood Pins" on the sides of the receiver. I would not be surprised if that gave it an extra 15 horsepower...LOL
I dont care for the butt of that stock.
Picture is kinda fuzzy, like a spy photo . Perhaps along the lines of a conspiracy? Or maybe its smuggled out like the "popcorn tape" where some things are obscured for a reason?
They guy needs an arrow head or eagle on that chain along with a deep V neck shirt. I see him driving a 82 Trans Am, with sexy lady mud flaps.
If it looked like this on an ATI stock I would definately buy!

Seriously. I've never really been a fan of the monolithic rail set-up on any weapon. UNTIL NOW.

Bushman, if you're serious about a full-length rail that connects to both the receiver cover AND a forward mounting block like that, I would jump on that in a heartbeat.
- It looks like they're using their normal rear iron sights on the new rails. Then again, maybe it's just an interim fix.

- Is everything chrome, or is it just the flash from the camera?

- If they're using a skeleton stock, I'm guessing it's going to be stiffer plastic than what they're using now. If they are using stiffer plastic, then how will the new stock absorb the recoil forces like the old stock?

- Isn't that the extended pistol mag? The factory is using the pistol mag?

- The fuzziness gives it that Zapruder-film-esque mystique.
Is your barrel painted or something? Its sooo glossy :p
Its a camera phone picture.
I LOVE the new Hi-point stock ! The ATI stock is crap and i don't like it i thin its kinda ugly but i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder! And back to my origanl post i want to mount a Tac light to the under side of my stock like toward the front
Im for Bushman's instead, sorry hipoint. I don't mind 70's bling but eh, I'll stick with the alleged malfunctioning ATI.
It is better than before, but I already have an ATI.
Maybe I'll make my own "Planet of the Apes" Stock:
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is that Eastwood in a loin cloth?
my guess is that the picture is the .45 that might be why it has the pistol mag???? maybe our first look ;)
is that Eastwood in a loin cloth?
you better cross yourself, and maybe say 3 Charleton Hestons
Hmmm, molest-ache, mullett, gold chain...I didn't know Hi-Points were made in central Pennsylvania. j/k

I think the shiny-ness is just from poor photo quality. I'll run it through Photoshop when I get more time and see if I can clean it up. Unless they are using polished metal for their mock-up/test carbine.
Well, HP offers their carbines with chromed receiver covers... It would stand to reason that this one's chrome too.
is that Eastwood in a loin cloth?
Well, to be fair, Clint wouldn't take any guff from any damned dirty apes either.

A .45 carbine AND the new stock? That'd be like finding a picture of bigfoot riding a unicorn.

It occurred to me that maybe they were using one of those chromed receiver covers, but the rear iron sight is also shiny, you'd think they'd just use whatever they had on hand. The front iron sight is normal.
Yeah, but that one is longer than the average receiver cover...
It has the Zapruder-film-esque look for sure!
Maybe the chrome hood pins will scare intruders?
This post is WILD. We have conspiracy pics, picatinny rails, chrome racing hood pins, Heston in loin cloth, mullets and mustache rides!
Only in the HP firearms forums folks!
I agree with bushman on not caring too much for the skeletonized stock.

And, for random bunny-pancake thoughts, here's an unacceptable picatinny photocrap of the factory stock with an ludicrously unsupported rail:

Make of it what you will, including -- God willing -- realistic improvements.
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Heston! a very young Heston didn't reconize without the ten comandments in his other hand! :D
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