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    6 shot. available on sale cheap, soon, again, maybe. Taurus_856_2-85621_L-1200x800.png
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  2. Rerun

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    Love the dot powders - Red, Green, and Blue!

    Great for shotgun and many pistol loads.

    I've used Red Dot for .380 ACP and .38 Special extensively.

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  3. lklawson

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    Well, I went and ordered an RIA M206 from one of my favorite LGS's. $250 with tax.

    It'll get here when it gets here.

    In the meantime, I'm waiting in line at my other favorite LGS to see if they've got bullets, Bullseye, and primers. I'm also hoping for CFE BLK. :)

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  4. Whats your favorite LGS..looks like we are in the same neighborhood..
  5. mr_flintstone

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    When you get it, let us know your impressions. I almost bought one a while back, but went with the Taurus.
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    Olde English Outfitters and Vandalism Range and Armory.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  7. lklawson

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    As expected, no primers. They didn't have Bullseye or CFE BLK but they did have CFE 223 and Blue Dot and Green Dot.

    I picked up 200 bullets, 158 gr LSWC, and a speedloader. But I decided that if they didn't have Bullseye, I'd make do with Trailboss. The starting load seems pretty sedate. Perfect for getting to know the gun.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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  8. histed

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    I think you'll like the revolver. Work the crap out of the cylinder release, then shoot the stuffing out of it. Treat it the way we tell the noobs to treat a HP. Once you get the rough edges off it, it'll be fine. Trailboss is good for light loads - L like it cuz it usually fills the case enough to prevent a double charge. Did that with BE ONE time - not a good experience
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    Also share yours on the Taurus, I am torn between them
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  10. mr_flintstone

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    Well, when I bought mine, the 856 hadn’t come out yet. I bought the Model 85-S (5-shot). I think it cost $275.
    I use it as my everyday carry because it fits so well in my pocket with a pocket holster. I can’t speak for all Taurus revolvers, but mine has been smooth with easy release, and functioned flawlessly since Day 1. I actually bought it for my wife, but she doesn’t have any desire to shoot or carry a gun. It does double duty at night on my nightstand. I don’t particularly care for rear groove sights, but this gun shoots to point of aim out to 30 feet; and is very accurate for a short barrel.
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  11. Rerun

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    I've owned my Taurus Model 85 SS 3" barrel for more than 30 years.
    I've fired about 10,000 rounds through it, mostly 140 grn wadcutters.
    It has been one of my two EDC revolvers for most of that time.

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  12. OldOutlaw

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    I can guarantee you it will be stiff at first. Especially trigger pull with the cylinder rotation. The internals seem to come completely dry inside. A very easy fix! Take some, any brand, of CLP in a pressure can. Use the straw in the nozzle. Spray it into the frame area from any little opening you see. Enough that CLP runs out of those areas. Also, where the trigger enters the frame. You will be amazed, I think, of the difference in trigger pull and smoothness. Learn the sights and you will be amazed at how accurate that snubbie will be. Wood grips are nice, but the included rubber grip I suspect you will be more accurate with. We have small hands and the rubber grip works best for us.
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  13. I would recommend The EAA Windicator. Made in Germany, and built very solid. I forget exactly what i paid for mine (i think around $300)..It's a 38spec, i have about 200rnds thru it with no issues. They have a snubbie version, but i got the longer version because it's a combination range/home defense gun. 20200919_181059.jpg
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  14. Hey thats my favorite too.. Been a little hard to get in there lately..with the covid, they are only letting 10 people at a time in. So always a line out front. But i like the Old gun shop feel in there..if that makes sense. VRA is good too, used the range there alot before i became a member at TFAG..and use ther range there.
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    You need to make that revolver into your favorite range gun until you get at least 500 rounds through it. That'll be your most likely-to-be-used firearm in your inventory, and the combination of its action and the short barrel will require serious training.

    Most importantly: Do not be tempted to thumb back the hammer during your range sessions--not even once. You won't thumb back the hammer if you have to use it, so you'll need to train with it as you use it.

    You are a big advocate of realistic training based on what I read of your posts, so you probably already know this. I'm just adding in the same kind of thing you most likely already know the same way gun manufacturers do when they write stuff in red in the owner's manuals.
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  17. Claymore

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    "Windicator"?? I think I heard about it ...:stir::lol:
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    BTW, I want to invite you to martial arts training period I teach martial arts from Western Civilization out of my garage. We're getting ready to start a track on historic quarter staff, starting at the most recent and working backwards in time. You're invited to come to a class and see.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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  19. Rerun

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    One thing about shooting .38 Special including +P loads is that you won't have to be worried about over penetration that is common with (.357) Magnum rounds.

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    NE Utah
    Same as mine. I like it.