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Picked up a 995 Classic today!

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I found a great deal at a local gun shop. I went into a little hole in the wall place here in town. Very friendly guy who asked me what I was looking for. I told him I was wanting to find a cheap Hi Point Carbine and he smiled and said I have one of those. It was marked $200.00 and with out me even dickering he said he would take $125 for it. I could not believe it. I also got 3 box's of Winchester white box 9mm for $12.50 each. I went to a local pawn shop before I went there and was able to pick up a nice hard plastic rifle case for 10.00 bucks. So for 186.00 I got the rifle, case and 150 rounds of ammo. I am a happy camper. 8)
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You LUCKY guy. You did great. :yes: ;)
lol whats wrong with it? Welcome to the carbine club!
Well I have not fired it yet. The clip has a tendency to stick when going in not coming out. But hey life time warranty baby!
That's so true!!! :yes: ;)
What a deal! Don't know which is more amazing $125 for a 995 or finding WWB for $12.50.

What shop did you get that at Howie?

I got mine at Buckeye Outdoors.
Funny I should see you here Ben. What are you one of those Hi Point nuts. :D I got it at Cunards down off 4th street. He was a real nice guy. I don't think he deals in Hi Points much at all. I just got lucky. I also got lucky on the ammo. It was his last 3 boxs. He did say he would get more in at some point. He does not deal much with ammo anymore. Wally World and Buckeye outdoors pretty much took his business on that.
Went out and shot the 995 tonight. I was very pleased to see everything worked well. I was a little concerned buying used. I forgot to bring a small screwdriver to adjust the sights. It shot high and right but had a good tight pattern. I think it's something I could get pretty good with. I am still going to send it in and have HP look it over. The clip sticks a little going in if the gun is turned sideways. Bad news was I had two jams in my .40 pistol. Not sure if it was ammo or something else.
I decided to go ahead and send my 995 in today. I don't like that the clip sticks going in and I figured for $10 shipping I might as well let them look it over and check everything out. I hope they send a free clip as others have said.
lol whats wrong with it? Welcome to the carbine club!
Ok here is the scoop. I sent it back Tuesday 8/18 and got it back today 8/26. Great turn around being that part of that was a weekend. They replaced the clip catch, Shroud, firing pin and trigger plus buffed the ramp and rails. On top of that they sent the extra clip as everyone said and included everything with it that would come with a new one. That was nice since I bought it used and did not get any of that. So now I have the sling and swivels to put it with plus the scope mount.

Happy camper here! I love Hi Point!
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