Picked up a Marlin Model 60 a couple of days ago

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    Picked her up at a small shop near where I'm working for $106 OTD. Not a bad price for an excellent condition Marlin Model 60 IMO. I had one when I was young and just had to add one back into my arsenal. I figure I'll give it to my son for his first gun in a few years, he is just now turning 4.
  2. yours was made after 1980. it has the shorter tube mag. I have the one my wife bought for me when we first got married in 1974, best shooting gun i have. did you know that it has a slide hold back on it? rsck it and pull out on the handle while it is open, it locks back.

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    I did notice that, that is a nice feature.
  4. I have the Glenfield version of that and it is an accurate little bugger. I buy the cheapest ammo I can find and am always amazed at how consistent it is.
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    You can never go wrong with a reliable, inexpensive plinker/squirrel slayer! Good find.
  6. I have a Glenfield. I made the mistake of installing an ATI stock. Shoots the same, but I'm not so happy with the ergonomics. Back to the walnut Monte Carlo stock.
  7. I have a model 60 as well. It was one of my first guns, and was handed down from my grandpa.
  8. I too have a Marlin 60 w/ stainless barrel, got it at a pawn shop for $75 IIRC. Awesome little plinker, and works well on my nuisance groundhogs when I don't feel like getting the .17 out.
  9. That is a nice looking Model 60 for $106 OTD. Shops around here was $100+ for beaters!!! Last NIB Marlin Model 60 I purchased was in 1997, it cost me $74.xx OTD from K-Mart.

    I have owned a number of Model 60's over the years and my favorites are the half tube rifle and the carbine version. Never did like the full length tube versions though, but 18rds of .22LR in the tube sure makes squirrel hunting fun. Ever Model 60 I owned was reliable and highly accurate. Some guns will run for ever without a cleaning but other guns wont function worth a hoot unless they are kept clean.
  10. I have a Glenfield-Marlin 6079. It is soooooo much fun, and you can't beat it. Very accurate. And with cheap 22 ammo you can thrown empty casings all day long.

    I love 'em.
  11. Good find at a good price. There have been a couple in my local shop lately for about that money, but I just can't warm up to them.

    I must be the only person in the world who doesn't care for the Model 60. Nothing wrong with them, I guess they just look "skinny" or something to me. They work fine, and are scarey accurate from all reports though.
  12. I still am gonna brag about mine that i got for 15 dollars. Also, I need to find one of those rear sight elevators. I picked mine up yesterday for fondle it, and noticed it was gone. Must fallen out the last time I was messing with it.
  13. dave,

    www.brownells.com is the place to find all sorts of gun parts, you should be able to pick one up from them or you can contact Marlin directly and get one from them. I just installed a new rear sight on my Marlin Papoose, its the same set used on the Model 60 and total cost was about $10 from a local shop. He gets all his parts from Brownells when it comes to factory replacement parts.
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    Awesome find!! Looks nice.