Picked up a new pistol. UPDATED WITH PICS!!!!!!

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  1. Got a little Taurus 605.

    Nice little Revolver as I can see. It is chambered for .357mag. Should make a good pocket carry. Pics will come soon.
  2. Awesome little gun. One thing you'll want to do, though...get a Hogue Monogrip for it. It makes a world of difference in terms of control, especially if this is going to be a defensive piece.

    Is yours stainless or blued?

  3. It is stainless. and thanks for the tip on the grip. (no rhyme intended)

    I was wondering how this little dude does with full power loads.
  4. Here are the pics!!!!!!! Taurus 605 2" .375mag




    Here are the Range pics shot were rapid fire (1 shot a sec). Tactical reload with controlled pairs. 7 yards with 5 135g Speer Dot .357mag and 5 110g Fedral low recoil 38 special +P.



  5. NICE! I love my Taurus wheel guns!
  6. Ari

    Ari Guest

    There you go nice gun
  7. Cappy

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    Nice! Does Taurus make that in a black stainless? I think I'm getting addicted to guns again. I've bought 3 in the last 2 1/2 weeks. :roll:
  8. Ari

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    Thinking about it you already are! :lol:
  9. C' est magnifique!
  10. neothespian

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    That. Is. Sexy!

    I've always loved .357's. Perhaps it's because it was my first handgun as an adult, perhaps it's the memory of toting a revolver with a 5" barrel and stainless finish that just REALLY scares people!

    Either way, I love the versatility of loads you can fire and it's simple construction.
  11. I've been wanting to try the Taurus wheelguns as well. My buddy has a S&W 357 and it froze up on him after about 75 rounds. The cylinder would not turn. He said it was overheated. You guys ever heard of that???
  12. Yeah well this is the 2nd I have bought this week.

    The other was a 995 for my buddies Xmas present. He loves it already. It is his first firearm. Although he has been shooting for a long time. (Military).

    I think I am a gun whore!!! lol and its great.....
  13. Not sure which models they make in black, my snubby is an ultralight, not sure of it's make up, gotta look it up, imagine something like S&Ws Scandium.

  14. I think the blued model # is a 650???? I think thats what I saw in the case.

    Would have got it in black if they had one. Found one at the other gun store the next day but it was 90$ more........ Slainless it is lol (hey im cheap lol)

    I have to agree with taurus on the cylinder question that doesnt sound right at all. There shouldnt be enough heat to warp a cylinder????? S&W might even honor that if you were not using reloads?????
  15. I have a "how to inspect a revolver" doc file somewhere, will dig it out and post.
  16. I would be interested in that as well Taurus...