Picked Up A Used 995 Today

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by powwowell, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. powwowell

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    I bought a C9 some months ago and since then I've been saying that I would buy a 995 carbine if I ever found one at a good price. I found a like new used one at the Raleigh gun show today for $175, OTD. It has the black stock and a butt pad with 2 extra mags. When I got home, I checked the Hi-Point web sight and discovered that the Hi-Point multi-tool, scope mount, sling and hardware were not included with the rifle I bought.

    I really want the scope mount in case I ever decide to use a scope with the rifle. How much does the scope mount cost? Are the combined values of the missing accesories negating the deal I got on the rifle? Maybe I've jumped the gun (pun intended), assuming that I got a good deal. Did I get a good deal?

  2. Thayldt21

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    I think you got a good deal.

    I would contact Hi-point they may send the tool and the Picatiny rail free of charge. I may be wrong but I wouldn't be suprised if they did.

  3. call hi point an they will probobly send it to you for free, if not they aret to expensive, or ask around someone may have one
  4. Taurus357

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    Welcome, yet another caroliner joins the fold. Sounds like you got a decent price. Keep your eyes out, we're going to try to arrange a NC shoot sometime.
  5. I think I've got an extra scope mount kicking around. Lemme look. If I do you can have it.

  6. Krippp

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    hey, try to include us here in the upstate of S. Carolina, not a far drive for us and i'd hate to miss a gathering of Hi-Point Owners
  7. JasonJ

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    just call up hipoint and tell them you didnt get those items with you bought the rifle.. they'll send them to you.

    excellent buy btw.
  8. powwowell

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    Thanks for the replies

    'Bridge, thanks for the mount offer. But, I'll give Hi-Point a call about the mount and the tool. As has been suggested, they may elect to just send them to me. If not, I'll gladly pay for them.

    I would be interested in getting together for a "shoot". My skills should make everyone else look good.

  9. neothespian

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    Dude!! This is just making me miss my carbine even more :cry:

    Soon.....I WILL have another one to join the ranks again...soon...
  10. PrimalSeal

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    No worries man, you got a great deal on that carbine. The factory will send you all the parts that you need, free of charge. Just let them know that you bought it at the gun show and that they weren't supplied with the weapon at time of purchase. Congrats on the gun and welcome to the fold!
  11. Ridge

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    I picked up a weaver rail at Gander Mtn. for like $10 after tax, and used the iron sight screws to tighten it down...trick is just finding the hole pattern...


    But congrats on the purchase! :)
  12. patriot2980

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    Excellent purchase amigo.
    You'll be happy with it.
    Are you planning on getting an ATI stock for it sometime in the future or are you going to leave it factory?

    Yes, we Carolina folks need to have a get-together, a shindig, a wingding.
    A shooting fest. Whatever.
    There's quite a few of us on here.
  13. powwowell

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    This is my first 995, so I'm leaning toward using the original stock. At least for awhile. The ATI stock looks good. I'm sure it's in the future.

    This forum sure makes a fellow feel at home. I'm glad I posted my purchase.

  14. stremph

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    If you can wait another 2-3 weeks to shoot it, send it in and have them inspect it, letting them know what was missing when you bought it. I just got a used one the last week of October, sent it in on November 2nd, and got it back today. It was like a brand new weapon. The only thing that let me know it was the same weapon was the wear on the receiver and the serial number. All I really wanted when I sent it in was for them to make sure it was still safe to fire and for it to be sent back with a scope rail. Here's the note they included when they returned it, listing what they fixed/replaced:


    They also included a sling, sling mounts, the user manual, new rear sight, the scope rail, and the multi-tool, all in a factory box.

    And just so I don't get Ermeyed, here's the li'l bastard:


    I ATI'ed it shortly after that, but I'll post that in a new post.
  15. Huggy

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    Couldn't help it :D
  16. powwowell

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    Thanks to all for the advice to call Hi-Point. It took several tries to get through Wednesday, but the lady I talked to was very pleasant. I told her about the missing items. She took my name and address and said they would be shipped out that day. No charge! No explanations! No hassle! Amazing.

    I ran three magazines through it yesterday afternoon. I has to move the rear sight to the left, almost to the max, to hit in the black. No jams! No function problems.

    The peep sight (ghost ring?) is surprisingly accurate. And yes, the 995 is a blast to shoot.

  17. I have only put about 75 rounds threw my 995 I barley ever shoot it but its still a great piece.