Picked up AR lower.

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    Yes, its a cheapo Olympic arms stripped lower. But it is all Mine. So for now I surf the web for the other oarts needed to get this baby put together.

    Oh, Yeah the wifes back from Iraq, YEA. And she said to say hi to all you folks that sent your kind words.

    Now, Back to the toys. I am looking for a lower parts kit. They seem to be around $65 ish. not including shipping.

    Can buy a kit down the road for 65 but it is DPMS I know they are all about the same but just checking to see if any of you spotted some cheaper kits. Also looking at an adjustable stock.

    That is for the now as you must understand I am not made of money.

    Please feel free to add any links to good quality CHEAP parts that I will be hunting for in the mean time.

    I have been to AR15.com very helpfull but still would like any help with saving some money so as I asked if you have a linky Id love to get it from you,
    this will be a slow build over the next few months to a year MAYBE, and I have slow E net so any help is glady received.

    I know Pics are mandatory but I am lazy net is slow and well it is only a stripped lower. For now.

    Thanx for any help. OR just plain ole chatter.
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  3. Its been a while since we shot the breeze, congrats on the new toy, very glad to hear that the wife is coming home. Please tell her I said welcome home soldier!

    How is that baby doing? I hope everything is going good for you.
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    look for thetic00 on ar15.com, he has pretty cheap stock sets. $36 shipped for the CAR style and $54 for the M4 style. RBPrecision has a LPK that's pretty cheap there as well. good luck on your build. let me know if you need any help.
  5. Thayldt21

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    yep the wifey made here this last friday. The kid well he's the boss and well he knows it.

    for the build as I looked at the links from Guapo I kinda well lets just say I get to learn how to not buy crap at say walmart or what ever cuz DEEAAAMMM Some of those kits aredirt cheap, and well I think today or tomorrow I willl be ordering one. as they are the cheapest by far.

    Also I will continue to browse till said time I am satisfied. As of now the Total cost is looking at 550$ and get exactly what I want. Can be doen for less but you know I saw trhe reciever and walk out with it. I was only there to look but then that Guy grabbed it and handed it my way. Now before I could say no thank you my hand had already reached out and I was holing it. SO of course it had to come home with me. Dangged strays
  6. Do you already have an upper? If not take a look at the Del-Ton rifle kits. They come with everything but a stripped reciever. Thats the route im going to take with my first build, they get good reviews on ARFCOM.


    Im just trying to decide if I want to buld an M4gery or one of the lightweight barrel kits.
  7. Thayldt21

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    Those kits are looking great. And I have heard of them before also. However The kits to the second link Guap posted are cheaper, and well $ is the root of all evil ( black rifles) :) Yeah I am poor, and upgrades can come later.

    Just Ticking me off that I did an online acount ballance transfer at 1230 midnight and it still hasnt gone threw RRRRGGGGHHHH.

    But yes I am still Very much so open to any and all suggestions, Not to mention the wife is kinda looking into them also.

    I have to add that so far the do it your self is totaly the way to go. I can get exactly what I want and still cost way less than picking one off the shelf. And with all the old Army time I am very used to the type of weapon. I am excited I must admit.

    Side note localy only a few places have Jacked the prices way up. And a few are surprisingly cheap across the baord. AK 450, not the crap kinds either, AR-s 750-well over a grand, Everything else right on par.
  8. Coleman Tyler has pretty decent prices on parts. If you are an ar15.com team member, you get discounts through Del-Ton. If you have a C&R, you can get discounts from Midway and Brownells. Its not too uncommon to find DPMS LPKs for around $48 from these vendors. Also keep an eye on the group buys on ar15.com. They just had an EOTech group buy and pricing was better than anyplace. My eotech just arrived yesterday from it. A PMag buy just ended which I order 12 and a Spikes stripped lower buy is going to start May1 and am getting at least 2 of them. The group buys prices are lower than any place on the net or through retail.
  9. Thayldt21

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    Good looking out doug,

    Now busness, I looked around at those Kits from http://akpartskits.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6_16&products_id=279

    GUAP:::::::::: and every one else. The reviews are bad. Well Once you look around to include AR15.com,

    and even there own return policy is 3 day inspection. Looks as if they are shotty at best. I hate to even think but I personaly am going to have to look into the Del-ton.
    I have heard of them before and They have outstanding track record. And yes Was it 8andsand??? any way Yeah, I have to go with the good record over the shotty one. RRRGGGHHH, extra like 100 bones right there. Ohwell.

    So here we go. wait some more.
  10. Thayldt21:

    I did the 'how cheap can I build one for' AR-15 last year. It came in right over 500. I bottom fished for everything, took my time shopping etc, and while the lower is fine, the upper I got a deal on needed a lot of work to make it function right. It works ok now, but I had to polish the chamber to stop it from short-stroking along with some other smaller issues. I have considered getting the chamber reamed out to Wylde dimensions, and with selling it and building a nicer rifle to take its place. I still don't know how it will end up.

    What's the point? I have 2 ARs and can easily afford another upper for the one with problems. You seem to be wanting to build one AR to be your go-to gun. Be careful about scrimping too much, buy parts you can feel comfortable counting on. If you have to wait a little longer to buy parts with the quality you want, that's better than hurrying to get done.

    Good luck, and let us know how your build goes--pics too!

    The rifle above:(in case some wise&$$ is ready with Gunny--it's just a no-frills m4gery)
  11. Thayldt21

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    Very well put, I want What I WANT, and I dont like the idea of scrapping the bottom and getting well The bottom. So yes I am going to go with the del ton and get a better quallity. Just have to make the mind up. Oh and I still may go with other brands, I am sure you all understand. But

    BUT I will not sacrifice the quality I need and want for a few pennies. However I dont really much care for the name. as ,ong as it functions and is accurate.
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    What do you guys think of polymer AR lowers?
  13. I had also heard mixed reviews about that other company that was posted.
    Im leaning towards Del-Ton for the price but I really like the CMMG uppers. They have a 14.5 barrel M4 upper with a perm attached phantom flash hider that brings the barrel to the legal 16in that looks pretty good.
  14. I've looked at them but never shot/worked on one. I'm thinking of picking one up this summer and playing with it. The people I've talked to about them don't speak very highly of them though. I've seen them recently for $125--cheap when you consider that the A2 stock is molded in (at least the ones I'm considering).

    The Bushmaster Carbon 15 seems to be universally reviled but I'm not sure if that's for its durability or CA compliant rifles. Again, I've no personal experience with them; hopefully, someone who has actually used them will speak up.
  15. elguapo

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    Sorry if I passed bad links/info onto you thay. I am in the "gathtering intel" so to speak, on these. What I AM finding out, is the early M-16 and A1 stuff is very hard to find! Anyone can put a M4gery together (if they dont mind mixing parts) fairly quickly, and inexpensively. The search goes on...
  16. Uraijit

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    I'd avoid them like the plague. Too may problems, historically speaking... Some of the Bushmaster Carbon-15s develop problems within the first hundred rounds. Get a forged aluminum one, or Billet if you can afford it, and build your weapon on a solid, reliable platform. Just my $1.0298
  18. Thayldt21

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    Hey Guap, What you passed is exactly what I asked for. And Is still a great link, Some people may only be interested in the bottom barrel and this would fit there needs. I am sure it is fine for the once a year or so shooter.

    And it is always up to the purchaser to do tere home work beofre purchase. There was no faul on your end at all bud. Infact you did the most so far in getting my ball rolling, The wheels started to turn fast and Like a good purchaser I started my home work.

    So all you get is one big gold star. And yes the rest of you all have been very helpfull.
    Also interested in this polymer lower. I however will be holding off till I hit the lotto.

    I too am still gathereing the intell myself, Turns out I didnt transfer iough money and of course it always takes a day to take affect so looks as though the earliest I can order will be around 5pm today. As of Right now Del-ton is the front runner.....

    I sold My dirt bike and dont feel bad at all for spending a bit extra. Infact I have the wifes blessing. The only Catch, I have to let her shoot it too. But that was a given. :)

    Guap I was doing a looksie on AR15.com,, And they have a thread dedicated to the classic's. And yes rare and hard to find, Seems more for the hard core seriiuos builder. But I believe that link and thread topic will help tons, for your build. I gave it a look over and had links to that stuff, A bit spendy for me you know. M4gery all the way for me and I'll be happy. Good luck bro. Although it looks as if you have your plan going good.
  19. Ridge

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    I have a DPMS parts kit in my lower...works great...

    If you are looking for an el cheapo collapsible stock, I have one sitting around that I dont use anymore...includes the spring and a butt pad, just needs the buffer...

    In fact, I bought it from Uraijit a few months ago before I upgraded to the Magpul CTR last week!
  20. Hey NDS, I might be coming back to Vegas in June... If you still have that AR, I just might buy it from you for what you have in the weapon. Sound like a deal?