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Top Gun in Imperial MO is the best! Heard the shots from their indoor range in the parking lot as I pulled in - I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning! The parking lot was full and there was overflow on the access road, just one handicapped slot left and that was mine.

A dozen guys my age (50+) waiting for range time at 10:30AM Friday sitting at my left, I maneuvered my way thru the crowd looking to buy and sample, watched a young husband and wife go thru a series of handguns to find the best one for her. Looked like they settled on the same thing I did for my wife, a S&W Airweight .38.

Moved up to the counter when one of their salesguys had a minute and said, "Stan put a 995 conversion in my name in the Vault. I'm here to pick it up."

He nodded and went off to get the goods. Presented me my ATI 995 and box of parts a few minutes later and while I looked it over, he took my trade-in box (holsters and lasers) off for appraisal. We made an appropriate deal and my NICS went through in just a minute. Gotta love buying guns in Missouri.

I bought a case for the rifle, added it to the bill, paid and left to get a burger up the road at Culver's. Got home and loaded the mags I'd pre-bought from HiPoint.

Merry Christmas to me! Can't wait to shoot this thing...looking now for a 'scope, red dots need not apply, a bipod and a forward grip. Then maybe a couple more C9's to add to the collection...

And I can't wait until HiPoint markets a 4595 carbine.

Does your gun store sell 995's with the ATI stock installed? If the do what did they charge you, I'd love to buy one.
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