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picked up my c9

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:D :D :D gotta say i love it overall!!! i like how my hand feels around it and i quite dont understand why people say its bad looking...its really not that bad. but yeah cant wait to shoot it =D
only downside is that rattle noise lol but ill manage. :D :D
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Good luck with it, man. I've got mine coming Tues and can't wait.

The snobbish crap I read about Hi-Point is just that. I'm a Kel-Tec fan, too (got a P11 & P3AT) and see the same BS. I'm not looking for something to hang in my gallery. If it shoots every time, but isn't a masterpiece, so what? And if I scratch or ding it, I won't go into a state of depression....
:welcome: from IL, the rattle noise is a safety feature inside the gun. Its an internal safety that prevents the gun from firing if it is dropped
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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