Picking up a .45 ACP Friday afternoon

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  1. Yep, just have to have one. The shop I am getting it from had it tagged at $179.00. Ordered some ammo (Federal 230 grain Hydra-Shok JHP and some 230 grain American Eagle FMJ). Think I might try the 230 grain Wolf FMJ that Sportsmans Guide is selling too.
    I will try to have a range report by sometime Monday, weather permitting.
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  3. Welcome! After purchase you have <48 hours to post a picture.... :D I have a .45. I love it every bit as much as I thought I would!
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    Mine shoots Wolf just fine but Hi-Point specifically states their pistols don't like it. The only problem I have with Wolf is they use a steel case which can be hard on extractors.

    I really like the Sellier and Bellot. It's cheap and hot but clean. Enjoy the .45acp. I like the large frame Hi-Points. Put a rubber grip on and you're good to go! It helps with holding the heavy muzzle up and cushions some of the sharp recoil the .45acp has.
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    another .45 owner... shoot the hell out of that thing and enjoy every round i love my JHP
  6. Hope you enjoy shooting yours as much as I enjoy shooting mine
  7. That extractor wear thing is so much BS it's dumb.

    If your gun has metal soft enough in it's inner components that steel cased ammo can wear it out then the gun is truly junk.

    We used LOTS of steel cased ammo in WWII, including the vast majority of our .30-06 and .45 ACP ammo, and in none of my history, military, or just WWII books on weaponry is extractor failure mentioned as a big issue.

    Just buy the Wolf and shoot it. Works great. My 1911 loves it. Unfortunately I can't find it locally anymore (except for the one place that priced it so high to begin with a few years ago they still have it at even more insane prices).
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    Just remember you're shooting a Hi-Point with a stamped sheet metal extractor and not a 1911A1 with a milled and hardened extractor.
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    Congrats on the 45 ACP your gonna love it. Don't worry about the extractor hog wash. I got mine in Jun 07 and have 5700 rounds thru it as of yesterday. No problems. Hi point will stand behind their warranty should a problem arise which I doubt will happen but just thought you'd like to know.
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    Love your .45, I know I do mine.

    I usually buy the WWB from Wally World. It's cheap enough and my pistol just eats it up.
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    Congrats again. Urotu is correct the hi points love the WWB from Wally World or anything else for that matter the thrive on reloads, and P++ also have at it and enjoy the world of 45.
  13. Thanks one and all! I like firearms. I also believe that the Hi-Point pistols are good looking pistols. Wouldn't mind different grips though.
    As far as parts pieces failing, well I am a motorcycle/atv mechanic and I know that what is man made will fail and I can live with that. Also if I am shooting my Hi-Point .45 ACP and it fails I won't worry because chances are there is something else mighty handy to keep up the shooting.
    Oh and yes I picked up my new Hi-Point .45 ACP this afternoon. The ammo I wanted wasn't in so I picked up a box of fifty 230 grain PMC Bronze FMJ's to use until the ammo I ordered shows up.
    I will be out shooting Sunday afternoon.
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    Congrats, good luck, and welcome to the club! Try out all types of ammo, just to be sure it feeds correctly. I mainly have used WWB, but magtech and Independance as well.
  15. Hmmm (a light goes on)... I'm in the early stages of an AK build, and when I heat treat the receiver, I wonder if I should throw my C9 extractor in as well. Opinions? gman?

    (This, of course, as an experiment, not as a necessity -- I know that HP would fix any problems with a stock extractor.)
  16. Well, my oldest daughter has the flu (picked it up this past Sat.) and I figure by the time it runs, no pun intended but it was kinda funny, thru the household that it will be next weekend before I can get a range/function test. But that is o.k. because by then I will have the ammo I ordered in so that will give me three brands of ammo to test.
  17. oldbikewrench,

    know what ya mean about that flu, went thru our house a week back and it was terrible. anyway, you will definitely enjoy the .45 when you finally get to the range. be safe and take care.