Picking up a JCP .40 today

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by TnShooter83, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. TnShooter83

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    I mentioned I was wanting one. I'd like to have had a Glock or XD
    but my grand father called saying he found a HiPoint .40

    I had talked about my 9mm so much. He picked it up for me thinking I'd want it.......
    So depending on what I like? It or one of my 2-C9 will go up for sale at the next gun show.

    The bad part is he paid $200.00 for it....

    HiPoint JCP .40 w/1 box of shells, and some type holster.

    I love the old man...but I think it's a little high on the price.
    Oh well....Until then I'll shoot the thing. He was just trying to help.

    I guess I save &20.00 if you included all the stuff with it.
    Other wise I'd have bought a new one.
  2. Well it all depends on how much ammo and what type of holster. I didn't know the JCP 40 shot shells either. Are you getting one of the new side by sides? lol. If he got a $20 holster and $20 worth of ammo he is doing just fine.

  3. I hope you guys like your JCP40 as much as I do mine. Fun gun to shoot and would be a good piece for home protection
  4. Agree with Mr. W - my 40 is sweet and smooooooth as butter. First time my kid handled it, I couldn't get the smile off his face for days. You're gonna like this new toy.

    And props to your grand dad - you need to tell him from all of us, he done well for you!
  5. pjm204

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    I like what I am reading, I just ordered one today. Hope I enjoy my .40 as much as you guys. I honestly don't think I'll be able to not take it apart. I generally strip all my guns down completely. I guess I will try my hardest to keep it together, until it needs to be taken down.
  6. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I love my JCP, had very little problems with it.

    For 200 plus ammo and holster he did good! I paid 182 dollars for just the weapon! I bought CCI Blazer Brass and a Holster for it later on and I know that would have been way over 200 dollars.