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Picking up my 995 Tuesday

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I'm installing the ATI stock and Leapers TACTEDGE 7" Tactical CQB Red/Green Dot (both from http://www.milsurpstuff.com) and the Barrel Shroud (http://www.nortje.com/Products/995/shrouds.htm) before I ever put any ammo in it. I've already have them in the mail.

Now I gotta decide which BiPod to purchase, Benny (www.milsurpstuff.com) has 2 models and I'm leaning towards Leapers UTG Low-Profile Deluxe Universal Pictanny & Swivel-Stud Bipod (http://milsurpstuff.com/proddetail.asp?prod=TLBP69S&cat=12)

This thing is gonna be some kind of fun !!!![/img]
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Don't forget a charging handle and a alum trigger :wink:
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