Picking up my C9 on Tuesday

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    Went to the store today, paid for my C9.

    $130 for the C9 NIB (Gotta love the Marine Exchange)
    $2 NICS check
    $13.00 for a 50 box of 115gr 9x19 range safe.

    Pick her up on Tuesday. Filled out all the paperwork today, but have to wait for the warehouse to send it overnight tomorrow.

    So, how'd I do?
  2. Congrats, a new gun is always a wonderful thing.

  3. Grats, and not bad at all. I myself buy WWB USA in 100 round boxes... last time I checked it was a bit cheaper than what you got, but hey, good deal either way.
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    Thats a good price for a C9!
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    Well, got a taste of what the dealer buys it at. They're distributor, Ellett Brothers, sells the Hi-Point C-9's for 99.50. The Exchange then bumps the price to 131 for their profit, obviously.

    Makes you wonder what Ellett Brothers gets them for, huh?
  7. Y'know, actual cost is almost impossible to determine outside the bookkeeping office of a firm itself.

    I read a long discussion a while back based on a statement that Glock can make pistols for $75 total. The arguing back and forth between people who buy material, machinists defining cost of time on machine, and accountants going on about overhead, fixed costs, etc was mind-numbing.

    One other fact that became clear as I read was that different prices are quoted in different places for different reason not limited to volume. Sometimes a price is lowered to cut out a competitor, enter a new market, or gain some prestige.

    I'm willing to bet volume prices change based on various factors not related to cost of production. If someone from Hi-Point was willing to comment on this I would be amazed.
  8. Contgrats on the c9! Good price.