Pics and new Mag prototype =)

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    OK, so before I get my " Scum Bag " score from Newskate9, I decided to post up some pics of my new babies....

    Also I had some spare time at work this week so here is my prototype mag...

    Simply bought some flee market Hi Point Mags ( yeah I love them Flee markets ) cleaned them up, claped & cut at even angles, silver soldered, sanded, buffed and painted flat black. Heading to the Range tommorrow to test fire, but did a manual unload and seemed to have no problems. Been thinking about using shrink wrap on the lower exposted portion but not sure how it will turn out. If anyone is wondering, this little beauty will hold 18 - 40 cal. rounds. My next attempt may be with a double stack welded to the factory single stack... any thoughts on which brand I should try this with ?
  2. :shock:


    Tell us more.

    And, maybe, sell us more.

    But, range reports -- and lots of them -- first.

  3. How did you do the spring?

    Hope you have good luck, those darn ProMags for the 995 unload manually great by hand too.
  4. oooo. so yeah how did you do the spring?

    Tell us how the range goes. I've thought about doing something like this before in modding an old stock to accept double stacks but it isn't doable(receiver clearance) but I think done right a double-single conversion based on a cheapo mag could work.

    If it works(especially the double stack) i'll take 4 please.

    edit: Not sure what double stack would be your best bet. Course one of the biggest problems with the double stack idea is feeding since you have to have a mainspring and follower that is narrow enough to feed in the single stack portion, but you also have to have a part that is wide enough to properly push both stacks of rounds down in the double stack.
  5. Yeppers: Suomi drums. :shock:
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    Weather sucked but..

    Back from a fun filled day at the range. All went well except the weather. It's freazing and sleating out there fellas... nasty stuff. Luckly I go to an indoor range near by.

    First, both guns after almost a full week of cleaning and lubing performed flawlessly. Did have on ftf on the third round out of the 9mm, but this may have been a simple ammo problem. Cleared quickly and continued through the rest of that mag and finish another 4 mags with out a glitch. I was using Independence 115 gr. FMJ ammo. Expected more problems after reading some of the other posts, but have been using this brand in my Beretta 92 for years with no problem.

    Switched over to the 40 cal, also using Independence 40 S&W 180 gr. FMJ-flat ammo, not a single miss fire or hick-up. Sighted in the BSA red dot in about 7 rounds, last three where dead on at about 25 M. Slow fire 2 full mags, and fast fired the last... no problems at all.

    Then I switched to the 18 rd. prototype mag see above. To be completely honest with everyone, I didn't know what to expect. I loaded 12 rds. at first just to make sure the weld would hold on recoil. I was suprised it went through the entire 12 rounds with no problems =) Thinking this may have been pure luck I loaded the full capacity of 18. NO PROBLEMS at all ! I was grinning from ear to ear, like a proud new father ! My shooting buddy told me I was a bit embarassing, giggling like a school girl... I dont remember any of that. I do remember loading that mag again in record time to shoot it again ! The second full 18 slide out into the weapon like butta ! Not one FTF ! Think I'm about to break my arm patting myself on the back =)

    To the spring issue. A friend at work, actually, told me to just silver solder the springs together as well. The hardest part was getting the springs lined up. I layed them flat on weld table, interlocked them by one rotation of themselves, secured them with a bit of wire and welded. Then it was just a case of sanding, and buffing them smooth. Also I had to bond the plastic front strips together. Did this by melting them together and smoothing out the molten parts. Just for smoothness sake I also coat all of my mags with a baked on form of Teflon we have at work.

    As soon as I get the go ahead from the little lady of the house, I will be buying more mags to expiment with and keep everyone posted on the progress.
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  8. Glad to hear of the success, I wonder if a person could put Hi Point feed guides in the Pro Mags and get the same success?

    Makes me totally jealous ;)
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    OK, just did some research into the idea of using a Suomi drum on my next project. Posted a new thread asking for Panoz77's help on the photoshop work =) If anyone else can use Photoshop or has anyother ideas on it I would really appriciate it.
    Going to post some of my concerns with the innerworking of the Drum on a new post.
  10. It sounds like the initial outing was far more promising than you (and we) expected. Congratulations, not only on building something that works, but in building something that works, in a couple of hours and with no RnD, that apparently far overtakes the efforts of a certain commercial entity with lackluster motivation.

    Can you post pix of the carbine with an inserted mag? -- I'd like to see what it looks like. In particular, I'm assuming that the bottom grip extension looks a little wierd, and wondered whether it might look better with 1) an 'extended extention' that fills in the gap up to the grip, or 2) no extension at all. I suspect that latter is better, but would love to take a gander.
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    Abit long in tooth.

    Here is the pic with the 18 rounder inserted to the well and locked into place. It does look a bit long, but hey... shrugg.
    Also I need to appolagize for a statement I made earlier, I had my Tasco RD on this one not my BSA... second shrugg.
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  13. thats just awesome man. Lets see what we can do with a double stack design!

    Am I thinking right on what I said earlier regarding the need for a seperate mag spring and follower to feed the single and double stack mag sections? If so thats gonna be the tricky part. Maybe use the stock double stack spring in the lower with a sheet metal follower that allows you to run a modified single stack spring and follower inside.
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    lbreevesii, I'm likin' what I hear. The reason this mag is 18 rds instead of a full 20, as I was hoping for, of course was the spring compression factor. In a double stack to single stack config. I could just use the single stack follower if I were to make it taller ( in ratio to the mag length ) to make up for the wobble it would have in the double stack section.
    Due to the spring tension, I have about 1 " to 1 1/4" of unused space in the bottom of the mag when it is fully loaded. I could make the follower that much taller so that it may not have a chance to cock that far sideways. May still lead to feed problems. Still triing to figure out the plastic guide issue also. May have to try and do a custome fixed guide.
    Thoughts ?
  15. What about using the Suomi stick mag? Couldn't you weld the Hi Point mag to the top of that (maybe after cutting the Suomi down a bit)? Seems like you could easily get more than 20 rounds. Of course, the Suomis are 9mm and not .40, right?
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    Right, but I'm also going to try a few 9's also so all ideas are good ideas at this point, thanks =)
  17. Waltham41 brings up an interesting point

    blkhwkfxr has far more skill than I but proves the high capacity mag works. It also brings up the question, "Why does the ProMag fail?".

    I don't have a ProMag but I wonder if you could modify it and get the same results. If its an issue of removing material with a dremel, then it may work.

    If it were possible to double stack the lower mag and reduce the length, you may have a marketable product.

    Good work.
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    two different topics? Use the Drum from Soumi not the stick. 70 rounds rock. [​IMG] and [​IMG]
  19. Not trying to hijack, just brainstorming out loud.
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    PM me BLKHWKFXR. Maybe my drum and your mag can breed something?