Pics from CELL PHONE to HERE Easily.

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  1. Okay,

    I shouldn't post this cause it'll give Taurus more reasons to post bad pics...... :lol: :lol: ........ but here's a tip.


    1. Set up a photobucket account - it's free.
    2. Open your account, click on the upload option called "MOBILE PHONE"
    3. This creates an ADDRESS for your cell phone - directly into your photobucket account.
    4. Go to your cell phone contact list
    5. Create a contact beginning with the letter A, or AA, etc. to have the contact show up at the TOP of your list.
    6. Enter in carefully, in the email address box, the address that photobucket made for you. Save the contact.
    7. Take your pic. Save it.
    8. Open your saved pic on the cell phone - SEND the pic to this CONTACT.
    9. In a min or two you'll get a response from PhotoB saying pic uploaded.
    10. Post pics from PhotoB to here using the methods you already use.

    Pics here are from my cell / and then uploaded into photoB

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    this needs to be added to the photo stickies!!!

  3. first I thought that was the Cabelas that just opened in Lacey, WA. :)
  4. Those are actually pretty good cell phone pics. What kind of phone do you have? And where were those pictures taken?
  5. thanks, they are bit cloudy but for cell, they don't totally suck.

    It's an LG 8300, it's two years old, and no case, so the lens is not in the best shape I'm sure. Taken at Cabella's in Hamburg, PA.
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    Good shot Newskate, i love my 2megapixel camera on my cell phone... thanks for the tip!
  7. Look fool, I'm a nerd, you think my phone doesnt have internet AND removable media, sheesh you old fart, get with the times.
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    Ha ha, Taurus! Ditto!
  9. Just giving another option for those of us who may not have all the toys.....

    Option 1 - take pic and save to card, remove card, transfer to computer, transfer to photo bucket.

    Option 2 - take pic, send to photobucket

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    Option 3, take pic, transfer to photobucket without setting up a random number to text the pics to. Most text services resize the photos before they're sent.

    Anyway, just giving you a hard time. There are plenty of people here who aren't as awesome as Taurus and Myself, and they will benefit greatly from your post....

    The poor, poor suckers. ;)
  11. No saving to card, saves there automatically, silly old man. Upload photos in bulk with photobuckets bulk uploader
  12. don't most carriers charge to do this? Just curious because it is a lot easier than my normal method, but I don't want to pay some exorbitant price for it.

    Side note. Although windows won't properly read a cell phone that is pulled in to it without additional software, mac OSX will. I have done this in the past with my razr phone. I have yet to try it on linux but when I do I will report back for the other geeks among us.
  13. I use photobucket a lot and like its simplicity. But when sending from a cell phone I always get several phantom pics as well. The header line, logo, and other weird things come and I have to delete 4-5 things for every pic that comes thru. I'm not sure if it is a setting or what but it is annoying. Still photobucket is very cool and easy to use.