pics of my 40(hope it works)

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by buddy, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. 1inthechamber

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    I like what you did to the ejection port. I've always thought if Hi-Point did that, it would make the gun look better. Very nice. :)

    Can you post some pics of the slide locked back and of the other side?
  2. good photos. fine gun.
  3. Thayldt21

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    Details please. :p

    Did you do it yourself or have help.

    also What is your take on it. Do you recomend.

    Any tips you have to put ut there before someone rubs away with 110 grit sandpaper. :lol:

    I think it looks realy nice.
  4. Yes that looks very good.
  5. That does look cool!

    Tell us about the handle too?
  6. is that one of the older .40s, it doesn't have the acc. rail...or did you mod it that way, I've contemplating getting a spare set of grips and doing the strippling myself, how that work out for you?
  7. buddy

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    it's the new jcp

    i took of the acc. rail off ,but a word of caution it also gives support to the plastis that is underneath the barrel but the gun works fine.The strippling i did myself with a soldering iron i used a nail head as the tip some more advise for the grips ,first remove, dont apply to much heat to one area or the grips will worp stripple on oppisite area.
  8. buddy

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    i used a dremel tool to make the imitation ejection port but first i removed the line that ran along the top of the slide with my angle grinder ,i thought it made it look like a toy.
  9. Bandit320

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    Did you also cut down the bottom of the magazine? Yours looks much smaller than all of the other pictures I've seen.

  10. buddy

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    yes i made the clip shorter , now it only holds 8 rounds
  11. i need to see a how to on cutting down the mag! one thing i dont like about hp.
  12. Nice looking weapon ya got there!
  13. I need a new .40. Mine is so old it has the mag release at the bottom of the grip.
  14. WOW, that looks great takes skills to do that great job.
  15. w_houle

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    +1 on the fine work there