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Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by DaSOB, Nov 25, 2007.

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    OK, thanks to the kind assistance of Newskate9, I am now able to post some pics of my 4095. It's plain vanilla except for the comp/flash suppressor, but I think it looks way cool! Besides, Sarah Brady and VPC would hate it!! :twisted:



    I spray painted the comp with Satin Black Rustoleum and baked it for 30 minutes at 350 in the oven. Baking on the paint makes it extra tough.

    Yeah, I'm pleased!!
  2. hi again.... make sure your camera is set to take pics at least 640x480. Upload them to PB. If they are bigger than that, no problem. Once uploaded, click the pic to edit, click the resize button, and select the size you want. This should to it. Obviously, you can only make pics smaller..... hence the comment about the camera settings.

  3. Love that Mossy Oak bag behind that sweet lady!

    Great pics.... I think we'll let the gunny take a nap for awhile... :wink:
  4. Wrong! VPC would love it!! Hillary would 'hate' it.
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    Guess you have a point, Grizzfan!

    BTW, the little baggie that the comp came in had a slip of paper identifying it as being for the 4095 and 4595. Wonder if they know something we don't?
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    4595 or 4095

    when I bought my 40 they had 40950 and 4595 with a box to make a check mark for whichever model, if they went ahead and made new boxes with an option for either weapon, I'd say the 45 is right around the corner!!!

    printing new boxes can't be cheap.