Pics of the new Barrel Shroud

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  1. burboy

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    I have been looking at the different barrel shrouds you guys have come up with for your 995's for a while now. Here is what I came up with for mine.



  2. I think it looks awesome> what kind of finish did you use???

  3. panoz77

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    Bro, you left out the details, where, how, from who, how much, build yourself? That is real nice and my buddy is looking for one with that surpressor look and that has the look.
  4. Jarhead1775

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    Great job. Did you have a lathe to turn it on?
  5. burboy

    burboy Guest

    Sorry to be such a tease but I wanted to see what you guys would say about it before I explained where it came from.
    That is a $12.95 fake suppressor made for an Airsoft pistol. It is aluminum and came exactly the way you see it. The only thing missing is the cool writing on the side. This one is blank but if you spent more on a nicer one you could get the writing too.
    I had a machinist bore it out to .605" so it would slip fit onto the barrel. He also drilled a set screw hole at the back end.
    Altogether it cost me about $35.
    I wanted more than just a simple tube and I don't care for one with holes.

    Here's the link:

  6. Wow, now that's thinking. I would've never thought about that.
  7. 47_MasoN_47

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    Would the laser work with that on there? It looks like it might not but I wanna make sure first.
  8. blkhwkfxr

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    Looks great, thats some imaginative thinking ! How secure is it on the barrel ? pretty sturdy? Did you just need one set screw ? Is it a flush fit to the muzzle ?
  9. burboy

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    The laser would be really close to the bottom of the suppressor but it might just barely get by. I don't have one so I don't know.

    Just one set screw. It's very snug. The barrel does not go all the way through. I had it bored to within about 1/8" of the muzzle so the barrel would have something to butt up against. The suppressor is extremely light weight so there isn't much recoil inertia to make it scoot off. Of course there's no gas pressure on it like a muzzle brake so that's not a factor.
  10. I like it! It looks like a real suppressor, and definatly gives a mean factor look to the 995. Great idea Burboy!
  11. panoz77

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    Burboy, can you provide a link to where you aquired this airsoft accessory?
  12. burboy

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    I did. It's in my post above.
    Airsplat has lots of different styles.