Pics of the new toys

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  1. Tricked out 995

    The Whole Family

    The Shirts
  2. Looking good hitmanharleyk. Man you got the sickness bad.

  3. Shootest 995

    Shootest 995 Guest

    Hey ! I have that same dinner table and chairs! Well right now my wife has them, i might get to eat there agaion, but thats still up in the air!

    Oh, nice toys!!
  4. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    one thing i dont understand about HP is the logo i've seen the triangle and i've also seen the iron cross.. so um.. what exactly is there logo?
  5. unscarred

    unscarred Member

    The triangle is the official logo. The cross thing was a promotional thing by MKS Supply.
  6. Awesome toys!!! Love 'em all!!!
  7. Toy pics are sooo cooooollll!!! Enjoy those guns!